Down to the Roots

On that day, a shoot will sprout from the stump of Jesse; from Jesse’s roots, a bud will blossom. Read More

Up To The Mountain

Climbing a mountain offers the People of God a unique invitation to commit to a process, a goal – no matter how uphill the journey might seem. Read More

Remember Me

As human beings, we portray characteristics of both thieves. At times we turn to God in humility and sincerity, while at other times, through pride, anger, or some other sin, we turn away from God. As an LGBTQ person or ally, which thief do you resemble at this point in your faith life? Read More

Is Light for LGBTQ+ Catholics Coming from the Day of Wrath or the Sun of Justice?

As a gay man in the Church, I am constantly torn between the “glass half-empty” and “glass half-full” views – or more in keeping with the imagery at hand, the question of “Is that light the coming Day of Wrath, blazing like an oven – or is it the Sun of Justice, with its healing rays?” Read More

Finding God and Resurrection in Queer Marriages and Intimacies

I have come to love the puzzling marriage and family texts from the Gospels, for, in responding, they present opportunities for Queer Catholics to contribute to conversations about the lived experience of marriage and family. Read More

Wondrous Things in Store

On the feasts of All Saints and All Souls, may the enduring oneness of Sergius and Bacchus, Perpetua and Felicity, be a tender reminder of some of the wondrous things also in store for you. Read More

LGBTQ+ Vulnerability as a Pathway to Genuine Prayer

Many of us in the LGBTQ+ community know of vulnerability in prayer. We are left to the mercy of God and trust that God has our best interests in mind. Read More

Persisting Like the Widow: A Transgender Catholic’s Journey to Prayer

LGBTQ+ Catholics and allies might struggle with faith in the face of persistent injustice. I certainly did. Read More

Only the Foreigner Returned: LGBTQ+ Catholics on the Synodal Path

This synodal process has exposed me in a new way to just how often LGBTQ+ Catholics are the foreigners who returned. Read More

From Darning Socks on Up, Ordinary Acts Help Build the Reign of God

In the steady witness of our lives, from the darning of socks on up, we’re invited to trust that God is always present. Read More