Speaking in Tongues and Throwing Bricks, the Holy Spirit Is Alive at Pentecost—and at Pride

Then the Holy Spirit burst forth—at Pentecost and at Pride. In Jerusalem, the disciples of Jesus spoke in tongues. At Stonewall, the friends of Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera threw bricks. Read More

What’s So Queer About the Ascension?

If the Ascension isn’t “absurdity” and “exaggeration” I don’t know what it is! Jesus is talking to his disciples, then suddenly raised up physically above them, then hidden behind a cloud, and then two strangers show up out of nowhere and start lecturing his friends? I’ve seen drag shows with less drama. Read More

A Great Flowering Tree in the Center of a Hoop

One of my greatest regrets with my father’s passing was that I was never able to truly come out to him as gay. Read More

Knowing the Divine in the Trinity and Queer Time

I think this “neither here nor there,” non-linear approach to time has important meanings for how we are to live as Catholics, and I think that Queer Catholics are particularly knowledgeable of this way of living. Read More

Hearing the Voice of Jesus in a Church that Excludes

Trying to hear the voice of Jesus is difficult as a Catholic and even more difficult as an LGBTQ+ Catholic. It’s nothing short of a miracle that LGBTQ+ people remain in the church. Read More

Encountering Hope in the Story of Emmaus

As I read and prayed over today’s gospel reading, the Road to Emmaus story, thinking about the church’s relationship with the LGBTQ+ community, the word that came to me was “encounter.” Read More

New Book, “Hearts Ablaze,” Offers Biblical Parables from a Queer Perspective

A new book offers a “fresh reading of ancient stories,” answering the question, “Where is queerness in Scripture?” Read More

Real Life, In Person, Up Close, In the Flesh

I can’t help but wonder that a big reason that Pope Francis has been so LGBTQ-friendly is because of his deep friendships with two gay men, Yayo Grassi and Juan Carlos Cruz. Read More

Do You Realize What I Have Done For You?

Far too many individuals and groups of people, like LGBTQ+ folks, do not experience church as a place where that foundational Last Supper example that Jesus calls us to follow is practiced. Read More

“The Sorrow in My Heart is Deeper than Ever.”

As I write this reflection, the sorrow in my heart is deeper than ever. I see and hear in the person of Jesus those in the LGBTQIA+ community and especially those transgender and nonbinary persons who have experienced this same betrayal. Read More