Find Joy, Bring Glad Tidings, Unleash Love Into the World

Those who want to reject this person or that group are reminded that there are many members of one body. Think about “re-membering” as not just memories, but the very act of reconciling and restoring the entire Body. Read More

Fear Not: Finding Courage to Share in the Synod

Fears of not being listened to are still real, but we cannot let them hold us back. Read More

The Courage to Choose

For the four Sundays of Advent, Bondings 2.0 is featuring Scriptural reflections by LGBTQ Catholics writing on... Read More

And We? What Should We Do?

Through these readings for this Sunday of Advent, God is stirring and electrifying the LGBTQ community to be “filled with expectation.” Read More

Raising Our Voices in the Wilderness

As LGBTQ+ individuals, we can dwell in hope alongside our allies and join the voices that are already announcing God’s holy path in the desert. Read More

As We Enter Advent, Recalling How We Are Knit in the Womb

What keeps us from hearing God’s words through the prophet Isaiah when he writes, “I have called you by name, you are mine, you are precious to me and I love you”? Read More

Christ the King: The Official Sacred Holiday of LGBTQ Catholics?

I propose that the Solemnity of Christ the King be made the official sacred holiday of the Catholic LGBTQ community. Before I am tied to the stake and a fire lit beneath my feet, please allow me a minute to explain.  Read More

Hope After the Doom of the Last Days

Kushner, like Daniel and Mark, chooses to leave us with hope after the doom of the Last Days. Read More

Queer Community and the Widow’s Act of Faith

I can relate to the widow’s fear that what I have to offer is insufficient. Read More

Expanding Our Images of God By Encountering the Other

We must connect more and more with our human nature, with ourselves, and with those different than us so that our idea of God becomes more expansive. Read More