Eating in the Land of the Living

This year, I ate meat on the first Friday of Lent. Not by accident, like I’d done before. Not justifying it with a technicality (like it was after midnight Friday night when we left the bar, so it was really Saturday). Not feeling out of control, or like I couldn’t stop myself, but on purpose. Purposefully. Read More

First Sunday of Lent: L I F E L I N E

For the Sundays of Lent, Bondings 2.0 introduces new scriptural reflections for LGBTQ people and... Read More

For Lent, Take a Journey of Scriptural Reflection for LGBTQ People and Allies

New Ways Ministry invites you on a Lenten journey of spiritual reflection. Read More

A Year into the Covid Crisis, Is Ash Wednesday Really Worth Marking This Year?

"Because the crises we face this Ash Wednesday are many and are intense, today feels less the beginning of a new liturgical season than a waypoint marked in a Lent that never ended last year. Introducing new or intensifying existing spiritual practices strikes me as unnecessary, or, if I am honest, just tiring." Read More

On Valentine’s Day, A Few Words About Leprosy

Today is St. Valentine's Day, a time to celebrate love. What's leprosy got to do with it? Read More

Driving Out Our Own Demons

Today’s post is by Janet Rozzano, RSM, a 64-year member of the Sisters of Mercy... Read More

How Will You Respond “If Today You Hear God’s Voice”?

“My dad’s not hard of hearing -- he’s hard of listening.”  Read More

You Don’t Qualify to Follow Christ? Good!

Perhaps God uses those who appear the most implausible as a powerful reminder that we are all the least likely. Read More

Morality Beyond “Intrinsically Disordered”: Our Call to Announce Justice

"What then is my role in living a moral life as an LGBTQ Catholic? How am I called to announce God’s justice?" Read More

Jesus’ Baptism Reveals a Rainbow Christ

I see the Rainbow Christ who mirrors the image of God in all of us.  I see the fragility of our life. I see eyes of love, compassion, inclusiveness and peace. Read More