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Catholicism Could Be “Made Illegal” Due to LGBTQ+ Rights, Says Archbishop

Catholics in Australia have voiced their objections to an archbishop’s new pastoral letter denouncing proposed changes to the nation’s anti-discrimination and religious freedom laws. The archbishop claimed that, if the changes pass, “it is not impossible in the coming years that the very expression of Catholic belief on certain matters could be essentially made illegal.”

What Disability Theology Can Teach the Church About Transgender Identities

Catholics should not be strangers to the deep connection between body and soul, refusing a binary that suggests we are composed of two separated entities. As Catholics, embodiment is central to the human experience and to God’s participation in the world, so how we treat the bodies of ourselves and others matters deeply.

Vatican Veto of LGBTQ-Positive Theologian’s Appointment Raises Serious Concerns

The Vatican’s has intervened to stop a theologian from becoming dean of an Italian seminary apparently over his views on sexuality, which include LGBTQ-positive writings. The debacle has raised concerns about academic freedom in the church and the relationship between the academy and the Roman Curia.

A Synodal Church Must Abandon Colonizing Ideas of Gender and Sexuality, Writes Gay Catholic

So many of the conversations about and hopes for the Synod on Synodality’s global assembly in Rome this October have focused on what will be gained as the Catholic Church becomes more of a synodal institution. But one gay Catholic points out that if the church wants to move towards Pope Francis’ synodal vision, it will have to also let go of some longheld ideas.