Vatican’s Doctrine Chief on Criminalization Laws: “When I Read Them I Wanted to Die”

At a press conference to release the Vatican's new declaration on human dignity, which made headlines for condemning gender theory, the top doctrinal official also made positive comments about homosexuality. Yet, he doubled down on the declaration's anti-transgender aspects, too. Read More

“A Painful Lack of Understanding”: Theologians Respond to Vatican’s Latest Declaration

"Fundamentally unserious," "not just insulting, devastating," and "a painful lack of understanding." These are some Catholic theologians' appraisals of Dignitas Infinita, the Vatican document on human dignity released Monday that condemns “gender theory” and “sex change," appraisals featured in today's post. Read More

As a Catholic Doctor, I Know Gender-Affirming Care Is Essential for Transgender Youth.

Because I am a Catholic physician, I spent many hours discerning whether it was morally acceptable to treat transgender children. Read More

Are Trans Catholics Welcome in the Church? This May Not Be the Right Question.

Perhaps this Advent season is a time to listen and amplify the voices of those on the margins, to allow those trans Catholic voices crying out to be heard by the wider church. Read More

U.S. Bishops’ New Mental Health Campaign Rings Hollow for LGBTQ+ People

This message of accompaniment and welcome rings hollow for members of the LGBTQ+ community whose mental health has been impacted by homophobic and transphobic church teaching and policies. Read More

Gender and Sexuality Affect Every Person. The Synod Must Address This Reality.

Gender and sexuality must be taken up by the church universal in a more enlightened, substantive, dialogical way. The Synod assembly risks failure if it avoids full examinations of such core questions. Read More

Davenport Diocese Releases Positive Framework for LGBTQ+ Pastoral Care

The Diocese of Davenport has released a new framework on LGBTQ+ pastoral care, specifically about gender identity issues, that charts a new direction for such policies in the U.S. Read More

Can Church Teaching Change? LGBTQ+ Advocates Say Yes

“Can the church change?” That question is the headline of a new article in U.S. Catholic. Author Don Clemmer attempts to answer this question, which is often asked by many LGBTQ+ Catholics longing to see the church embrace more inclusive teachings. Read More

Bondings 2.0 Heads to Rome for the Synod!

A week from today, Bondings 2.0 editor Francis DeBernardo and I will begin reporting live from Rome on the  Synod on Synodality' first global assembly. Throughout this multi-year process, LGBTQ+ issues have been a recurring priority for the people of God. Read More

U.S. Bishops Oppose Federal Non-Discrimination Rule for Social Service Providers

The U.S. bishops' conference has lobbied against a proposed federal regulation to stop discrimination against LGBTQ+ people relating to government grants for social services. Read More