The Remedy for High Anxiety: A Vaccine of Hope

I don’t know about you, but I am filled with anxiety these days. So where is hope? Read More

Religious Liberty Comes From God, Not the Government

The current situation requires not an “either/or” bit of advice, but a “both/and” recommendation.  Read More

QUOTE TO NOTE: Changing Minds and Changing Hearts

The answer to solving the church's LGBTQ problem is not primarily a matter of mind, but of heart.    Read More

How I Got to Know Tax Collectors and Prostitutes

I want to think about the way being gay has allowed me to meet a whole group of people whom I otherwise would have missed or misjudged had my trajectory never been altered by my sexuality. Read More

The Grace of God is Scandalous to the Catholic Church

Why are people scandalized by the fact that LGBTQ+ people receive the grace of God? Read More

Harm, Needs, and Responsibility: Why Restorative Justice is Good News for LGBTQ Catholics

Today’s liturgical readings prompted me to think about restorative justice, and the implications it could have for LGBTQ people and the Catholic Church. Read More

Do We REALLY Believe That God Loves Us?

God’s whole heart, mind, soul, and strength? That’s how God already loves me? With that kind of passion? No, not me. It couldn’t be. Read More

The Two Sides of Being Prophetic

Living a life as your authentic self is not going to please everyone. In fact, just by being yourself, you may actually unintentionally end up challenging or even threatening some people, structures, and institutions. Read More

When Darkness Engulfs and Suffocates the Light of Life

It is scary looking into a dark well. How deep is it? What’s there? Is there a monster waiting to ambush your virgin body as it descends into the self? What will you find?  Will it be worth it? I need a light to show me the way, the path I am supposed to follow.  Read More

It’s 2020, and We Need the Assumption More Than Ever

Today, I find that hope, reassurance, and sustenance in the dogma of the Assumption. I truly believe that as a Church and as a people, we need the Assumption today more than ever. Read More