“I Wish the Vatican Would See My Inalienable Dignity,” Says Trans Catholic; More Reactions

Today's post features more reactions to Dignitas Infinita, the Vatican declaration on human dignity released last Monday that sharply condemned "Gender Theory" and "Sex Change." Read More

Vatican’s Doctrine Chief on Criminalization Laws: “When I Read Them I Wanted to Die”

At a press conference to release the Vatican's new declaration on human dignity, which made headlines for condemning gender theory, the top doctrinal official also made positive comments about homosexuality. Yet, he doubled down on the declaration's anti-transgender aspects, too. Read More

“A Painful Lack of Understanding”: Theologians Respond to Vatican’s Latest Declaration

"Fundamentally unserious," "not just insulting, devastating," and "a painful lack of understanding." These are some Catholic theologians' appraisals of Dignitas Infinita, the Vatican document on human dignity released Monday that condemns “gender theory” and “sex change," appraisals featured in today's post. Read More

New Ways Ministry: Vatican Document on Human Dignity Fails LGBTQ+ People

The new Vatican document, Dignitas Infinita, fails terribly by offering transgender and nonbinary people not infinite, but limited human dignity. While it lays out a wonderful rationale for why each human being, regardless of condition in life, must be respected, honored, and loved, it does not apply this principle to gender-diverse people. Read More

Bishop Calls Transgender Day of Visibility a “Source of Division”; And More News

Today's post includes news about one U.S. bishop's objections to Transgender Day of Visibility, the closure of the homophobic website Church Militant, and more. Read More

Madrid Archdiocese Chastises Chapel for Hosting Same-Gender Wedding

The Archdiocese of Madrid has criticized a civil marriage ceremony between two men because the ceremony took place in a private Catholic chapel. Read More

Students at St. Edward’s University Protest Removal of Pride Flag on Campus

After a Pride flag in a Catholic university's campus coffeehouse was removed by school administrators, students are calling for changes to increase inclusivity at the institution. Read More

Cardinal Dolan Condemns Funeral Celebrating Transgender Advocate

New York's top prelate has condemned a funeral celebrated for a transgender woman that was held at the city's St. Patrick Cathedral, a condemnation that prompted pushback from the deceased's family and LGBTQ+ advocates. Read More

Acting for LGBTQ Liberation: A Lenten Check-In

How can our communities join in the pursuit of LGBTQ liberation this Lent? Here are some action items that you can advocate for in your community: Read More

New Staten Island St. Patrick’s Day Parade to Welcome LGBTQ+ Groups

LGBTQ+ groups in Staten Island will now be able to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by marching in a welcoming parade. Read More