Michigan Parish Files Court Appeal to Undercut LGBTQ+ Protections

A Michigan Catholic parish and school has appealed a court ruling against its challenge of a state law enhancing non-discrimination protections for LGBTQ+, and, troublingly, the school's cause is becoming an interfaith effort. Read More

Can Church Teaching Change? LGBTQ+ Advocates Say Yes

“Can the church change?” That question is the headline of a new article in U.S. Catholic. Author Don Clemmer attempts to answer this question, which is often asked by many LGBTQ+ Catholics longing to see the church embrace more inclusive teachings. Read More

Florida Catholic Bookstore Wins Right to Discriminate Against LGBTQ+ Customers

A Florida bookstore has won an exemption from LGBTQ+ non-discrimination protections in a case highlighting U.S. federal courts' increasing willingness to hear anti-LGBTQ+ lawsuits where no actual harm has been done. Read More

U.S. Bishops Oppose Federal Non-Discrimination Rule for Social Service Providers

The U.S. bishops' conference has lobbied against a proposed federal regulation to stop discrimination against LGBTQ+ people relating to government grants for social services. Read More

Youth Patient Allegedly Denied Care by Catholic Medical Group Because She Is Transgender

A Catholic healthcare group has denied care to a young patient based on her gender identity with one doctor allegedly telling her mother, "We don't see transgendered patients in this clinic." Read More

Court Dismisses Parishes’ Lawsuit Against Michigan LGBTQ+ Law; Other Legal Developments

This week, Bondings 2.0 has featured a series on ways in which some Catholics and their allies are using the U.S. legal system to stop and even rollback LGBTQ+ rights. Today's post is the conclusion of this series featuring brief updates on other legal developments. Read More

Catholic Relief Services’ Defense of Discrimination Helps Gut Maryland LGBTQ+ Protections

This week, Bondings 2.0 is featuring series on ways in which some Catholics and their allies are using the U.S. legal system to stop and even rollback LGBTQ+ rights. Today's post about a court ruling in a church-related employment discrimination lawsuit. Read More

Denver Archdiocese Files Lawsuit Against Colorado’s Pre-K Program over LGBTQ+ Rules

In a series of posts this week, Bondings 2.0 will cover some of the LGBTQ-focused court cases that involve Catholics. Today's post is about a new lawsuit involving the Archdiocese of Denver and non-discrimination protections. Read More

Catholic LGBTQ+ Advocates Condemn U.S. Supreme Court Ruling in “303 Creative” Case

Catholic LGBTQ+ advocates have criticized the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in 303 Creative, which ruled that a web designer could refuse services to queer couples based on the designer's Christian beliefs, and could do so regardless of any otherwise-applicable non-discrimination laws. Read More

Why We Should Like Public Accommodations Laws: A Response to “303 Creative”

Some commentators think the opinion is a narrow, correct reading of the law. I disagree. I think everyone, including you, should join together in rejecting its reasoning. Read More