LGBTQ+ German Church Workers Write to Pope Francis Seeking Reforms to Catechism

LGBTQ+ church workers in Germany who wrote to Pope Francis proposing evolutions in church teaching have now released their letter publicly after receiving no response. Read More

6,000+ Catholic Sisters Issue Statement of Solidarity with Transgender Community

Over two dozen communities of women religious have endorsed a statement of solidarity with transgender people in a moment when trans and nonbinary are increasingly under oppressed in civil society and the church. Read More

Conservative Catholic Group Spent $4 Million Seeking to Forcibly Out Gay Priests

A report from The Washington Post has revealed that a conservative Catholic group invested millions of dollars to potentially out gay priests based on their personal data. Read More

From “A” to “D-“: How Catholic LGBTQ+ Leaders Grade Pope Francis At Ten Years, Part I

Today’s post, the first of two parts, features responses from leading LGBTQ+ Catholics, theologians, pastoral ministers, and reform advocates about how the first ten years of Pope Francis' tenure has gone. Read More

The Results Are In: Here Is How Catholics Graded Pope Francis on LGBTQ+ Issues

Today is the 10th anniversary of Pope Francis’ election. What did you, the readers of Bondings 2.0, give Pope Francis as a grade on LGBTQ+ issues? Read More

New Ways Ministry Praises German Catholics’ Vote for Greater Transgender Inclusion

The following is a statement from Francis DeBernardo, New Ways Ministry’s Executive Director, on today’s historic vote about transgender and nonbinary inclusion in the German church. Read More

Germany’s Synodal Way Now Considering Texts on Gender Diversity, LGBTQ+ Blessings

The fifth and final assembly of Germany's Synodal Way begins today, and among the issues to be decided are two documents on LGBTQ+ issues. However, a last minute controversy is brewing with the bishop members which could imperil reform efforts. Read More

New Books from Pope Francis, Benedict XVI Highlight Contrast on Homosexuality

Statements about gay people appear in two new books, one by Pope Francis and one by Benedict XVI, the deceased pope emeritus, predictably falling along the positive and negative approaches expected of each prelate. Read More

Gay Priest Reflects on Learning to Say “I Love You” While Caring for Dying Friend

A true encounter with giving and receiving love took Fr. Peter Daly by surprise. The priest, a New Ways Ministry board member, recently shared his experience of caregiving for his dying friend, José Luis Sánchez, and the profound effect José Luis had on his understanding of life and love. Read More

German Bishops Approve Employment Law Reforms to Protect LGBTQ+ Church Workers

The German bishops have reformed church employment policies to recommend that church workers in same-gender relationships or who are divorced and remarried should not lose their jobs because of personal situations. Read More