Good Friday: An End, A Beginning

The Crucifixion by Fra Angelico

The cross. That is where everything ended. That is where the end of everything was centred. But in a little while, they would discover a new beginning right there, in the cross. Dear brothers and sisters, this is how God’s hope germinates. It is born and reborn in the black holes of our disappointed expectations — and hope, true hope, instead, never disappoints. Let us think precisely about the cross: out of the most terrible instrument of torture, God wrought the greatest sign of his love. Having become the tree of life, that wood of death reminds us that God’s beginnings often begin with our endings. Thus, he loves to work wonders. So today, let us look at the tree of the cross so that hope might germinate in us  — that everyday virtue, that silent, humble virtue, but also that virtue that keeps us on our feet, that helps us move forward. It is not possible to live without hope. Let us think: Where is my hope? Today, let us look at the tree of the cross so that hope may germinate in us … that we may be healed of our sadness.

Pope Francis, General Audience Address on April 5, 2023


New Ways Ministry, March 29, 2024

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  1. Paul Morrissey
    Paul Morrissey says:

    Thank you for this simple and profound message, Frank.
    Th tree of the cross, the tree of life, the trees of resurrection all around us
    if we join the earth in a shout of joy to our Creator at Easter!


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