Is Light for LGBTQ+ Catholics Coming from the Day of Wrath or the Sun of Justice?

As a gay man in the Church, I am constantly torn between the “glass half-empty” and “glass half-full” views – or more in keeping with the imagery at hand, the question of “Is that light the coming Day of Wrath, blazing like an oven – or is it the Sun of Justice, with its healing rays?” Read More

Prominent LGBTQ+ Historian John D’Emilio Publishes Memoir on Catholic Upbringing

A prominent queer historian has recently published a new memoir entitled Memories of a Gay Catholic Boyhood: Coming of Age in the Sixties, combining his journey of coming out and LGBTQ+ activism with his Catholic upbringing.  Read More

Alumni: “Worst Treatment” for Being LGBTQ+ Was at St. Thomas More Catholic School

LGBTQ+ alumni of a Catholic school in the Diocese of Lafayette, Louisiana have continued their efforts to stop a new diocesan new anti-transgender policy from being implemented at the school. Read More

LGBTQ+ Advocate Faults Catholic Feminists for Not Being More Transgender-Inclusive

In a recent essay for the National Catholic Reporter, artist Jessica Gerhardt argues that Catholic feminism must be inclusive of transgender people. Read More

Persisting Like the Widow: A Transgender Catholic’s Journey to Prayer

LGBTQ+ Catholics and allies might struggle with faith in the face of persistent injustice. I certainly did. Read More

Brazilian Jesuit Reflects on LGBTQ+ Pilgrimage to Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe

The assembly was a blessing for those who attended. Perhaps most moving was the Mass we celebrated in the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, a national sanctuary dedicated to the patron saint of Latin America. Read More

The Words LGBTQ+ Students Need to Hear: Reflections from a Theology Teacher

Want to know what my hope is for this school year? It’s that students in our Catholic schools and parishes start hearing a different word. Read More

Catholic Therapist Writes About Personal Journey to Being an Ally for LGBTQ+ Youth

In a recent essay for Faith on View Daily, a Catholic pediatric therapist wrote eloquently on the need to care for LGBTQ+ youth. Read More

Review: “This Body I Wore” Can Move Imaginations to Love Transgender People

By focusing on one person, "This Body I Wore" brings readers into the middle of the messy, deeply human journey of someone whose perspectives about being trans they might more readily consider, and perhaps someone they could come to love. Read More

Gay Catholic Who Was Plaintiff in Obergefell Case Publishes New Memoir

Recently reviewed America, Greg Bourke’s memoir tells the story of his devotion to his husband, his faith, and his country. Read More