Why I Stay: “Jesus wants me to stay”

" I stay because, whereas once I was deeply ensconced within the church, I am now on the outside looking in and I am forced to see through my own eyes and experience, in my own flesh, what my LGBTQ brothers and sisters have long seen and experienced because of this institution." Read More

Love, Undeniably

"For those who are feeling pressure to perform today, cut yourselves a little slack. " Read More

Why I Stay: ‘To Give Peace to Those Full of Self-Hate’

"Someone has to give peace to those who come to the confessional full of self-hate because of their sexual orientation or identity." Read More

QUOTES TO NOTE: On the Intersection of LGBTQ and Catholic Identities

The intersection of queer and Catholic identities has drawn attention at two major events here in the U.S., with some interesting quotes for reflection. Read More

Why I Left, Why I Stay: ‘Jesus Had Been In My Heart All Along”

A journey away from the Church, and then back again with renewed and stronger commitment and purpose. Read More

Gay Reporter Tells Stories of Catholic AIDS Activists, U.S. Church’s Complicated Record in the 1980s

"The story of the AIDS crisis in America is inextricably linked to the Catholic Church," wrote Michael O'Loughlin as he began to tell the story of Sr. Carol Baltosiewich, her HIV/AIDS ministry in the 1980s, and the stories of other U.S. Catholics at the time. Read More

Why I Came, Stayed, Left: Outwardly, Shamelessly Ourselves; Hurt and Betrayal

"We are the change we need in the church, and the first step is being outwardly, shamelessly ourselves." Read More

Why I Stay:  Pushing Back Against Those Who Would Treat Us Like Dogs

"Why does the mercy of God fall so heavily on some while the rest of us crawl in the dust begging for that mercy—begging to be treated like dogs if not human beings? How do you find faith in a God whose disciples would send you away?" Read More

Coming Out at an All-Boys Catholic High School–And Getting a Standing Ovation

“Announcing yourself to the world is pretty terrifying. What if the world doesn’t like you?” Read More

Why We Came. Why We Stay: Identity, Eucharist, and God’s Call

"I stay because I know God loves all, and that he wants us to fight for equality and acceptance." Read More