How LGBTQ Stories Help the People of God Navigate Today’s Troubled Church

One truth about LGBTQ ministry is that it is not solely about LGBTQ people, but about serving the entire People of God. Many Catholics affirm that doing such work has taught them a great deal by experiencing the gifts and wisdom that LGBTQ people offer to the whole Church Read More

WHY I STAY: Living in Joyful Hope

Over years of thinking and questioning why I still stay, reluctantly, in the church, the same answer comes up: joy. Read More

WHY I STAY: ‘I finally found a church home and a ministry that woke my faith.’

I finally found a church home and a ministry that woke my faith.  Read More

All Our Children

Matthew 19:14 does NOT read “Let the little children of heterosexual parents come to me, even if the parents have been divorced or use birth control, but put millstones around the necks of the children of same-sex parents.” Read More

WHY I LEFT and WHY I STAY: Failure of Justice and Interior Peace

I stay in the Catholic Church because through the Eucharist I experience greater interior peace and freedom from anxiety. Read More

Why I Stay: The Mystery of God’s Call in the Shadow of God’s Wings

"Permitting myself to think about leaving paradoxically keeps me sane in the Catholic church." Read More

How’s Lent Going For Ya? Yeah, Me Too.

Lent’s  longing, sorrow, and incompleteness remind us that “easy” and life in this messy but beautiful faith don’t always go together. Read More

Why I Stay: ‘God brought me to both my Catholic and LGBT identities’

"Growing up, I had no awareness I was asexual and agender. However, since puberty I felt an unease and disconnect about my body." Read More

Why We Left, Why We Stay: ‘I remain one foot in and the other outside the threshold’

I neither leave nor remain. I am in limbo. Ten years teaching, six years studying in school, a decade ministering, hundreds of students taken on retreat, dozens and dozens of LGBTQ students lives' made more livable for the safe space my classroom provided them: these are but a few of the numbers that mattered most to me before the day I was told I could no longer teach or remain in my position as Campus Minister because I was married to another woman. Read More