Seeking Change Through The Power of Art: Our Journey Creating Christian LGBTQ+ Iconography

Yuval and I cast nine actors of diverse ethnicities, races, genders and gender identities to portray Jesus as suffering with and for LGBTQ+ people. Read More

Remembering Father Mychal Judge on 9/11 Weekend

Tomorrow is the 21st anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the United States.  As such, it is also the 21st anniversary of the death of Fr. Mychal Judge, OFM, a gay priest who was the chaplain to the New York City Fire Department.  Read More

Globe Theatre Celebrate New Play Portraying Joan of Arc as a Nonbinary Saint

A new play at the historic Globe Theatre portrays Joan of Arc as nonbinary, bringing a fresh perspective to the story of the 15th-century Catholic saint. Read More

Australian Catholic School Refuses to Screen Student’s Film Due to LGBTQ+ Themes

A student at Mount Lilydale Mercy College in Melbourne was told her short film would be the only one not broadcast at the end-of-the-year function due to its inclusion of a same-gender couple. Read More

Staten Island Leaders Defund St. Patrick’s Day Parade Over Anti-LGBTQ Discrimination

Community board members in Staten Island, New York, have voted to withhold taxpayer money from the borough’s St. Patrick’s Parade Committee due to years of discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community. Read More

Review: “This Body I Wore” Can Move Imaginations to Love Transgender People

By focusing on one person, "This Body I Wore" brings readers into the middle of the messy, deeply human journey of someone whose perspectives about being trans they might more readily consider, and perhaps someone they could come to love. Read More

Gay Catholic Who Was Plaintiff in Obergefell Case Publishes New Memoir

Recently reviewed America, Greg Bourke’s memoir tells the story of his devotion to his husband, his faith, and his country. Read More

Catholic Music Festival in Brazil Cancels Performance After Singer Comes Out as Gay

A Catholic music festival in Brazil is facing backlash after canceling a gay singer's performance, according to Crux. Read More

Fordham U. Press Picks Up Queer Latinx Theology Book Cancelled by Maryknoll

Today's post is a statement from Fordham University Press about publication of a new book on Latinx queer theology that had originally been cancelled by Orbis Books. Read More

Trans Catholic Reviews Queer Evangelical’s New Book on Being Out in the Church

A Catholic trans man’s book review of an Evangelical queer woman’s journey of acceptance is a reminder that “Being an open, visible part of the LGBTQ+ community in a Christian church is never an easy task,” especially when “that visibility to give voice to the dignity of LGBTQ+ people in the face of a Christian culture that would prefer to erase various identities." Read More