Gay Priest Reflects on Learning to Say “I Love You” While Caring for Dying Friend

A true encounter with giving and receiving love took Fr. Peter Daly by surprise. The priest, a New Ways Ministry board member, recently shared his experience of caregiving for his dying friend, José Luis Sánchez, and the profound effect José Luis had on his understanding of life and love. Read More

Down to the Roots

On that day, a shoot will sprout from the stump of Jesse; from Jesse’s roots, a bud will blossom. Read More

Reform-Minded German Bishop Says Beginning LGBTQ+ Ministry Is “No Big Deal”

A German bishop has endorsed LGBTQ+ pastoral ministry by suggesting it is “no big deal,” adding theology must be done not in the abstract, but with specific people in mind. Read More

Catholic High School Coach Resigns After Parent Complaint Over Same-Gender Marriage

A rowing coach at a Catholic high school in Ohio has resigned after a parent complained about the coach's same-gender marriage, according to The Toledo Blade. Read More

Ahead of Supreme Court Arguments, Lay Catholics Submit Pro-LGBTQ+ Amicus Brief

27+ is an advocacy group of faithful, practicing members of the Roman Catholic Church who believe the teachings of Jesus Christ and our church support welcoming, not rejecting, all people including LGBTQ+ people. Read More

German Bishops Approve Employment Law Reforms to Protect LGBTQ+ Church Workers

The German bishops have reformed church employment policies to recommend that church workers in same-gender relationships or who are divorced and remarried should not lose their jobs because of personal situations. Read More

The Dueling Realities Facing LGBTQ+ Catholics

Today is Giving Tuesday, a day set aside to support organizations that seek to improve our world. One day each year, we ask you, our faithful readers, to support New Ways Ministry. Read More

Thinking About Birthday Gifts?

The Catholic LGBTQ movement is stronger, wider and more resilient than it has ever been!   Read More

Up To The Mountain

Climbing a mountain offers the People of God a unique invitation to commit to a process, a goal – no matter how uphill the journey might seem. Read More

U.S. Bishops Make Final Push to Stop Respect for Marriage Act Ahead of Senate Vote

Leaders with the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops have made a last ditch appeal for U.S. senators to vote against the Respect for Marriage Act, which is expected to come up for a vote on Monday and would codify marriage equality. Read More