The Holy Family: It’s Complicated

Despite the depictions on countless greeting cards and stained glass windows, Mary, Joseph, and Jesus did not truly resemble a stereotypical modern, white, suburban family. Read More

The Woman Who Said “Yes” to God

Choice and freedom are central to the Annunciation story. Mary’s consent was needed. God waited. Read More

Oaks of Righteousness

The magnificence of oak and its associations with life, strength, wisdom, nobility, loyalty, longevity, heritage and honor, symbolizes a God who delights in extravagant blessing.  Read More

Finding Courage to Speak Our “Yes” to God

"I find myself stepping further and further out of the shadows and into the light of God which I believe we are each called to enter." Read More

The Man Who Pointed to Christ

His mission encompassed just one word: “Prepare.” Read More

Lessons from the Fig Tree

“Take a lesson from the fig tree: as soon as its branches grow tender and its leaves sprout, you know that summer is near. So also, when you see these things happening, you know that the Promised One is near, right at the door.” (Mark 13:28-29).  Read More

The Good News of Christ the King: Why Gay Catholics Should Celebrate Today’s Solemnity

Today is the Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, and the celebration feels a little pointed this year. Read More

The God of Nightmares Pushing Us Beyond

Today's gospel reading has to be one of the scariest in the Bible! That is not a warm, fuzzy God. That is the God of nightmares. Read More

As the Church Debates, Wisdom Makes Her Rounds

In placing all my trust in one man, even if that man is the pope, I missed God. Read More

The People Who Long to See God’s Face

Their patient waiting to be welcomed fully into the church mirrors in dramatic fashion the similar longing of so many Catholics. Read More