New Ways Ministry: Pope Francis’ Apology Welcome, Further Clarification Needed

New Ways Ministry welcomes Pope Francis’ apology for using a derogatory word about gay people in a conversation with Italy’s bishops. Read More

Boy Scouts’ New Gender-Inclusive Name Not An Issue for Catholics, Says Leader; And More News

Today's post features news about how Catholic scouting leaders reacted to the Boy Scouts of America's new name, a vandalism incident at a Catholic school, and more.  Read More

Pope Provides Sr. Jeannine a Clarification of “Dignitas Infinita”

I wrote a note to Pope Francis to tell him about my sadness and my disappointment with the use of the concept, “gender ideology.” Read More

New Ways Ministry: Vatican Document on Human Dignity Fails LGBTQ+ People

The new Vatican document, Dignitas Infinita, fails terribly by offering transgender and nonbinary people not infinite, but limited human dignity. While it lays out a wonderful rationale for why each human being, regardless of condition in life, must be respected, honored, and loved, it does not apply this principle to gender-diverse people. Read More

Bishop Gumbleton: Remembering a Prophet Pioneer of Catholic LGBTQ+ Equality

With great sadness and great gratitude, New Ways Ministry mourns the passing of our dear friend, Bishop Thomas J. Gumbleton. Read More

You’re Invited: The Next Steps in Parish LGBTQ+ Ministry

Almost every day, Bondings 2.0 updates our readers on the latest Catholic LGBTQ+ news from around the world. Today, we offer some news closer to home: announcements from New Ways Ministry about upcoming programs and employment opportunities. Read More

Next Week: Join LGBTQ+ Spiritual Conversations for the Synod!

In preparation for the Synod on Synodality’s conclusion this October, New Ways Ministry is hosting a “Conversations in the Spirit” gathering for LGBTQ+ people and allies. All are invited to participate! Read More

You’re Invited! The Challenge of “Fiducia Supplicans”

Join New Ways Ministry for a webinar on the complex reception of Fiducia Supplicans where three panelists will offer their perspectives and insights. Read More

It’s Time for Catholics to Follow Pope Francis’ Welcome of Transgender People

Catholics who support LGBTQ+ people are always excited when Pope Francis says something positive. Yet, how often do we follow his example of outreach and support? Read More

Synod Delegates Tell LGBTQ+ People: ‘Let Us Hear Your Voice. Use Us to Amplify It.’

"Let us hear your voice. Let us hear your stories. Use us to make sure that it's amplified." This was the exhortation made by a delegate to the Synod on Synodality's General Assembly while speaking to LGBTQ+ Catholics and allies last week. Read More