Bondings 2.0 Heads to Rome for the Synod!

A week from today, Bondings 2.0 editor Francis DeBernardo and I will begin reporting live from Rome on the  Synod on Synodality' first global assembly. Throughout this multi-year process, LGBTQ+ issues have been a recurring priority for the people of God. Read More

Amid Political Protests, Canadian Catholic Schools Affirm LGBTQ+ Students

Canadian Catholic school boards expressed support for LGBTQ+ students in the face of nationwide protests against equality last week, with educators asserting that pro-LGBTQ+ policies are entirely consistent with Catholic identity. Read More

Cleveland Diocese’s New Gender Policy Is “Dangerous,” Say Catholic Protestors

Ohio Catholics have strongly criticized a new restrictive diocesan gender policy which threatens to ban LGBTQ+ people and allies from participation in the church should they act in an "inappropriate or scandalous way." Read More

Catholic Theology Needs Greater Respect for Bodily Autonomy, Writes Therapist

While Thompson knows that “Catholics are supposed to believe” in the gender binary of only male and female, she cannot support this understanding. For her, that binary has been used as a form of control, power, and suppression. Read More

LGBTQ+ Advocates Gather at Worcester Diocese’s Chancery to Protest Gender Policy

More than 100 people in Massachusetts gathered to oppose one diocese's new LGBTQ-negative schools policy, adding to sustained criticism of the policy, including from some church officials. Read More

Catholic School Staff, Parents, Students Protest Oakland Diocese’s Proposed Gender Policy

A Catholic school community in California is trying to stop a transgender-negative policy from being released by the diocese, saying the bishop and diocesan officials have failed to dialogue and engage real concerns. Read More

The Diocese of Worcester’s New Gender Policy Is a Bit Too Familiar

My first clue was a misspelling of the Holy Father’s name (“Frances”), which appears in both policies. This error prompted me to take a closer look. Read More

Massachusetts Catholics, LGBTQ+ Advocates Condemn Worcester Diocese’s Gender Policy

Backlash against the Diocese of Worcester's new policy on gender identity has continued, with some LGBTQ+ launching a petition ahead of local Pride celebrations kicking off next month. Read More

What Disability Theology Can Teach the Church About Transgender Identities

Catholics should not be strangers to the deep connection between body and soul, refusing a binary that suggests we are composed of two separated entities. As Catholics, embodiment is central to the human experience and to God’s participation in the world, so how we treat the bodies of ourselves and others matters deeply. Read More

Catholic High Schools Refuse to Implement Worcester Bishop’s LGBTQ-Negative Policy

Two Catholic high schools in the Diocese of Worcester have rejected a new diocesan policy on LGBTQ+ issues, saying in a joint letter that the school's current policies are sufficient for "respecting the sacred dignity of the students entrusted to our care." Read More