Vowed Hermit Comes Out as Transgender with Support of Bishop Stowe

In what is perhaps an historical first, a diocesan hermit has come out as transgender, and has done so with the support of his local bishop. The hermit's hope is to expand what gender-diverse Catholics understand to be possible for them in the church. Read More

Let’s Not Be Naïve about “Dignitas Infinita”

Let me be clear: I do not think either of these two documents were written maliciously. But I do think they were written naïvely. Read More

Catholic Parents in Malta Say “Dignitas Infinita” Is Devastating for Transgender People

The members of Drachma Parents were greatly distressed when we read Dignitas Infinita and saw our Trans* siblings who are being once again pushed to the periphery and again denied any small shaft of light they might have found to make them feel whole. Read More

How Galileo’s 17th-Century Theology Can Help the Church Better Understand Gender Today

Galileo was condemned as a heretic because he believed—rightly, as we know now—that the sun rests at the center of our planetary system. . .The Vatican shouldn’t make the same mistakes it did in the 17th century again in the 21st.  Read More

Pope Responds with “Open Heart” to Pro-LGBTQ+ Parents’ Critical Letter

With what he called an "open heart," Pope Francis has replied to group of Catholic parents with LGBTQ+ children, which had written to the pontiff about Dignitas Infinita, the Vatican's transgender-negative declaration on human dignity published last month. Read More

The Errors that Archbishop Vigneron Makes about Gender

Had Vigneron taken time to practice the loving accompaniment he recommends, he might have discovered that many trans people are, in fact, in agreement with him on the question of body/soul dualism. Read More

In Church Documents on Gender Identity, Where Is the Compassion?

But the church's refusal to engage with the facts about transgender individuals also brings with it something else that concerns me greatly: a stunning lack of compassion. Read More

Graduate Students Criticize “Dignitas Infinita” in Open Letter to Pope

An open letter to Pope Francis has been published by Catholic students, theologians, pastoral ministers, educators, and others that expresses their “concern” with portions of the Vatican's new declaration on human dignity, Dignitas Infinita. Read More

Pope Provides Sr. Jeannine a Clarification of “Dignitas Infinita”

I wrote a note to Pope Francis to tell him about my sadness and my disappointment with the use of the concept, “gender ideology.” Read More

Vatican Deprives Transgender People Means of Survival, Writes Theologian; More News

In the two weeks since Dignitas Infinita, the Vatican's declaration on human dignity that included negative sections on gender identity and transitions, was released, numerous commentaries about it have been published. Posts yesterday and today have featured some of these commentaries, more of which are included below. For all of Bondings 2.0’s coverage of the declaration and its reception, click here. Read More