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Reform-Minded German Bishop Says Beginning LGBTQ+ Ministry Is “No Big Deal”

December 3, 2022

A German bishop has endorsed LGBTQ+ pastoral ministry by suggesting it is “no big deal,” adding theology must be done not in the abstract, but with specific people in mind.

Catholic High School Coach Resigns After Parent Complaint Over Same-Gender Marriage

December 2, 2022

A rowing coach at a Catholic high school in Ohio has resigned after a parent complained about the coach’s same-gender marriage, according to The Toledo Blade.

Ahead of Supreme Court Arguments, Lay Catholics Submit Pro-LGBTQ+ Amicus Brief

December 1, 2022

27+ is an advocacy group of faithful, practicing members of the Roman Catholic Church who believe the teachings of Jesus Christ and our church support welcoming, not rejecting, all people including LGBTQ+ people.

Journeys: A Scriptural Reflection Series for LGBTQ People and Allies

JOURNEYS is an invitation to walk with our ancestors, discover the great source of love, and celebrate our identities as children of God and LGBT persons and allies of faith. Each prayer guide in the series contains a section of Scripture, followed by questions for reflection. These questions can be used for personal meditation, journaling, or group conversations.

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Next Steps: Developing Catholic LGBTQ Ministry

A Multi-Part Online Series (now underway)

This series is designed to help parishioners, pastoral leaders, and church staff members figure out what form LGBTQ ministry should take in their community. The material will help parish community and staff members discern individually and together what the next steps should be to create a more welcoming pastoral environment for LGBTQ people—even if the next steps are your first steps.

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