New Investigation Reveals Anti-LGBTQ+ Groups Influence on Diocesan Gender Policies

An extensive report by the National Catholic Reporter details how two anti-transgender groups have been building influence and shaping diocesan policies for several years, especially those written for Catholic schools.  Read More

Dublin Parish Expels Gay Men’s Chorus for Concert about Love and Community

A gay choir in Dublin, Ireland, has been rejected by a Catholic venue, a situation strikingly similar to the Buffalo Gay Men’s Chorus’ recent expulsion from a Catholic church in the United States. Read More

Across Canada, LGBTQ+ Advocates Challenge Catholic Schools to Celebrate Pride

The debate over LGBTQ+ issues, particularly how to mark Pride Month, has roiled Canada's publicly-funded Catholic school systems for years. A hallmark of this debate has been votes on whether to fly rainbow flags in June. LGBTQ+ advocates, however, have made steady inroads. With the school year concluding, today's post features four news stories where communities have resisted anti-LGBTQ+ efforts and endorsed Pride. Read More

Bishop John Stowe Reaffirms Support for Transgender Diocesan Hermit

The Diocese of Lexintgon, Kentucky, led by Bishop John Stowe, has reaffirmed its support for a vowed diocesan hermit who recently came out as transgender, acknowledging “his witness of discipleship, integrity and contemplative prayer for the Church.” Read More

Catholics Object to Buffalo Diocese’s Expulsion of Gay Men’s Chorus from Cathedral

The Diocese of Buffalo has cancelled a scheduled concert by the city's gay chorus, which was scheduled to be held at the local cathedral as part of a city-wide choral festival. However, some Catholics, including a U.S. congressman, have pushed back. Read More

With “All Are Welcome” as Its Motto, New York Church Persists in LGBTQ+ Journey

In the National Catholic Reporter, a recent profile of a New York City parish highlighted its efforts to be widely inclusive, including of LGBTQ+ people.  Read More

U.S. Bishops’ Synod Report Acknowledges LGBTQ+ Tensions, But Offers No Proposals

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has released its next national synthesis for the Synod on Synodality, and the document notes the passionate tensions among U.S. Catholics, including disagreements over LGBTQ+ issues. Read More

Condemnation, Curiosity, and Comedy: More on the Pope and Gay Priests

Earlier this week, Bondings 2.0 reported on news Pope Francis had told a young gay Catholic to "go forward with your vocation" to priesthood and highlighted how some openly gay priests have responded. Today's post is a round up of other commentaries from writers, advocates, and Catholic faithful. Read More

Gay Priests Respond to Papal Controversy, Including an Invitation for Pope Francis to Meet With Some of Them

Today's post features commentaries and reactions from several openly gay priests, both to the past week's news about Pope Francis and the broader issue of homosexuality and ministry. Read More

Pope Francis Replies to Gay Catholic’s Letter: “Go Forward with Your Vocation”

A week after news broke that Pope Francis used an anti-gay term, it is now reported the pope has replied sympathetically to a gay man's letter who described his experience of being rejected from seminary. Read More