Queer Theology Offers the Church LGBTQ+ Affirmation—And So Much More

"U.S. Catholic" asked readers late last year to complete a survey answering the question, “Is queer theology compatible with Catholicism?” Now the results have been released. Read More

New Report Finds U.S. Catholics Dissatisfied with Church’s Approach to LGBTQ+ Issues

A new report details U.S. Catholics' discontent with their church’s teachings on and treatment of LGBTQ+ people. According to the report, Catholics are more likely than other U.S. churchgoers to rate their church poorly in terms of welcoming LGBTQ+ people and discussing issues of anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination. Read More

Global Survey of Catholic Women Finds Significant Support for LGBTQ+ Inclusion in Church

A survey of Catholic women worldwide released this spring has found respondents to be largely supportive of LGBTQ+ inclusion, though not as much for sacramental marriage equality and with diversity in terms of where such support is found geographically. Read More

Latinx Catholics Leading U.S. Church in Support for LGBTQ+ Protections, Survey Finds

Rising U.S. Catholic support for LGBTQ+ equality appears to be caused by strong and growing support for these issue by Latinx Catholics.  Read More

77% of U.S. Catholics Support Communion for LGBTQ+ People, Reports New Survey

A new survey shows that most lay Catholics in the U.S. disagree with conservative bishops on disputed issues, including abortion rights, politicians receiving Communion, and the inclusion of LGBTQ+ people. Read More

New Report: Majorities of Black Catholics Affirm Gay People and Same-Gender Marriages

A new report highlights that majorities of Black Catholics in the U.S. support the societal of acceptance of homosexuality and clergy performing same-gender weddings. Read More

75% of Dutch Catholics Support Marriage Equality in the Church; And Other News

Today's post includes news about a new survey of Dutch Catholics and their views on marriage equality, as well as other news items. Read More

New Surveys Reveal Gen Z’s Desire for More LGBTQ-Positive Faith Communities

Several new surveys are showing that Generation Z overwhelmingly supports LGBTQ rights and desires more positive approaches from faith leaders on issues of gender and sexuality. Read More

Groundbreaking Survey Details Experiences of LGBTQ Catholics in Latin America

A new survey is the first of its kind to document trends and major insights from LGBTQ Catholics and their families and allies in Latin America. Read More

New Survey Finds 62% of U.S. Catholics Support Priests Blessing LGBTQ Couples

In a new survey conducted by America, a majority of U.S. Catholics said they believe priests should be able to bless same-gender couples, although responses to this issue were divided by a number of demographic variables. Read More