Pope Francis Describes Criminalizing LGBTQ+ People as a “Sin” and “Injustice”

Pope Francis has re-affirmed in clear terms his recent denouncement of laws that criminalize being LGBTQ+, joined this time by leaders of two other Christian denominations. Read More

African LGBTQ+ Advocates Welcome Pope Francis’ Message on Decriminalization

"We think it will change the perception of all the religious people in our countries who think that when you are homosexual, you are to be slaughtered, to be dehumanised, you are devils." Read More

Pope Francis Denounces Criminalization Laws, Saying “Being Homosexual Is Not a Crime”

Pope Francis has denounced laws that criminalize LGBTQ+ people, saying "being homosexual is not a crime" and that bishops needed to undergo "a process of conversion" to be more affirming. Read More

New Ways Ministry Rejoices at Pope Francis Condemning Anti-LGBTQ+ Criminalization

New Ways Ministry rejoices because of Pope Francis’ declaration that homosexuality should not be criminalized, a statement which millions of Catholics have long called for from church leaders. Read More

LGBTQ+ Advocates Split Over Protest of Memorial Mass for Cardinal George Pell

LGBTQ+ equality supporters are planning to protest a liturgy for Australian Cardinal George Pell, who died earlier this month, but a Catholic LGBTQ+ advocate questions if this is a proper response. Read More

Transgender Patient Denied Care by Catholic Hospital Wins Discrimination Lawsuit

A federal court has ruled that a Catholic hospital violated the Affordable Care Act (ACA) by denying a transgender man gender-affirming healthcare. Read More

Liechtenstein’s Archbishop Cancels Mass for Parliament Over Marriage Equality Proposal

A critic has described the decision of Liechtenstein's archbishop to cancel a Mass for the country's parliament over marriage equality as "spiritual blackmail." Read More

Top German Lay Catholic Organizations Endorses New Transgender Rights Legislation

Two of Germany's top Catholic lay organizations have endorsed proposed civil legislation to expand transgender rights. Read More

Ecumenical Group Files Amicus Brief Supporting Fired Gay Church Worker’s Lawsuit

A group of Protestant churches in North Carolina has filed an amicus brief supporting a gay plaintiff’s Title VII claim against the Catholic school that fired him in 2014, according to Law360. Read More

LGBTQ+ Advocates Outnumber Anti-Transgender Protestors at Catholic School

LGBTQ+ advocates showed up in strong numbers to counter-demonstrate an anti-transgender protest organized near a Catholic high school in Ontario. Read More