Germany’s Synodal Way Now Considering Texts on Gender Diversity, LGBTQ+ Blessings

The fifth and final assembly of Germany's Synodal Way begins today, and among the issues to be decided are two documents on LGBTQ+ issues. However, a last minute controversy is brewing with the bishop members which could imperil reform efforts. Read More

Denver Archbishop Blames Transgender Equality for Declining Church Attendance

A Colorado archbishop has suggested transgender people are responsible for declining church attendance just weeks after he suggested the church was unfairly blamed for heightened anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric that contributed to a mass shooting last year. Read More

USCCB Asks Senators to Stop Equal Rights Amendment In Part Due to LGBTQ Concerns

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishop has written to U.S. senators asking them to reject a reconsideration of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), in part because it would help protect transgender people's rights. Read More

Baltimore Archdiocese Cancels Trans Workshop Fearing Protests; And More News

The Archdiocese of Baltimore cancelled a planned transgender workshop after protestors threatened to disrupt it. Today's post includes this story and other Catholic LGBTQ+ news. Read More

LGBTQ+ Groups Again Denied Entrance to Staten Island St. Patrick’s Day Parade

LGBTQ+ organizations have once again been denied entrance to march in Staten Island’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade, following a pattern of exclusion the parade has exhibited for several years. Read More

Ugandan Bishop Uses Ash Wednesday Liturgy to Condemn Homosexuality

A Ugandan bishop used a liturgy for Ash Wednesday to condemn homosexuality, coming just weeks after Pope Francis' denunciation of criminalization laws that remain in effect in that country. Read More

Jesuit Says Politicians Use Anti-LGBTQ+ Criminalization to Distract from Real Problems

A Catholic priest has criticized certain political leaders in Africa for using the criminalization of homosexuality as a diversion from addressing real problems. Read More

Top Bishop Reiterates Need to End Anti-LGBTQ+ Criminalization in Guyana

Pope Francis’ recent call to end the criminalization of LGBTQ+ people has been echoed by Guyana’s most senior cleric. Read More

Worcester Diocese Seeks to Bar LGBTQ-Inclusive Sex Education from Church Property

A Massachusetts diocese is again in an LGBTQ+ controversy, this time over the use of church property in relation to sex education. Read More

What Lasting Impact Will Pope Francis’ Condemnation of Criminalization Laws Have?

Pope Francis has made headlines twice in as many weeks over his public denouncement of laws that criminalize LGBTQ+ people, including at the end of an apostolic visit to two African nations. But what impact will the pope's insistence that "being homosexual is not a crime" have in regions with criminalization laws and in the wider church? Read More