High School That Fired LGBTQ Church Workers Now Threatens Critical Students With Expulsion

Members of Shelly’s Voice rallying outside Indianapolis Catholic schools that have fired LGBTQ church workers in the past year

A Catholic high school which has so far fired two LGBTQ church workers is now threatening students who criticize the school with punishment, including expulsion. But local Catholics have continued to push back by showing their support for LGBTQ students and church workers.

Roncalli High School, Indianapolis, released a new policy on harassment this month, reported WTHR 13, that imposes limits on community members’ ability to criticize the school and sets an expectation they will follow “Catholic Christian principles.” The policy was published in the newsletter of the school, which has terminated two lesbian guidance counselors, Shelly Fitzgerald and Lynn Starkey, in the past year because they were in same-gender marriages. The policy reads, in part:

“The good name, reputation and personal safety of each student, faculty, staff member and adult volunteer is vitally important. In order to protect students, employees, volunteers and the school, each student is expected to treat the good name and reputation of other students, school employees, volunteers and the school with dignity and respect and not engage in any activity or conduct, either on campus or off campus, that is in opposition to this guideline and/or inconsistent with the Catholic Christian principles of the school, as determined by the school in its discretion. . .

“Any individual found to have made or participated with others in making such remarks or actions will be subject to disciplinary action by the school, up to and including expulsion.”

The policy applies to speech and actions outside of school hours and across a range of media platforms. Dominic Conover, a recent Roncalli graduate who is gay and has publicly criticized the school over the firings, said the policy is aimed at intimidating students. Conover shared earlier this month how school administrators allegedly threatened his ability to graduate if he kept speaking out. He said of this latest development:

“‘I think it was a warning to the students that if you follow the footsteps of Dominic and start speaking out about the injustice you’re experiencing, it’s written right there, probable expulsion. . .If they start listening to our voices and listening to our pain, I think they’re going to realize that it’s time to change.'”

Roncalli officials has denied any intimidation of Conover, while the Archdiocese of Indianapolis has defended the new policy. In a statement, it said:

“‘The Archdiocese of Indianapolis welcomes all students who desire quality Catholic education and formation in preparation for college, careers and heaven. . .All schools have the right to set standards for student conduct and consequences for misconduct. The U.S. Constitution protects the rights of private religious schools to establish rules for its students, faculty and staff that support the schools’ religious mission.'”

But as classes resume, the local community has been making its support for LGBTQ students and staff at Catholic schools visible in defiance of the new policy . WFYI reported that Shelly’s Voice, which formed after Fitzgerald’s termination, rallied its supporters outside Roncalli when students returned. They also rallied outside Cathedral High School, which fired a gay teacher, Joshua Payne-Elliott, earlier this summer because of his same-gender marriage. Seniors at that school also decorated the entrance with rainbow streamers, and a group called Cathedral Alliance has a t-shirt fundraiser going to support Payne-Elliott. Conover, who chairs Shelly’s Voice, explained to WTHR 13 of the rallies:

“‘We just thought it would be great to show [LGBTQ students] that we support them, especially after the news that came out this summer with Cathedral and Brebeuf and then Roncalli back in August. . .They need confidence in themselves and we want to make sure that they know that there is a community out there – a Catholic community out there – that loves them for who they are.'”

Roncalli High School’s new policy imposes a sort of “morality clause” on the school community, further intensifying an already vexing situation in Indianapolis. Consider the damage done by Archbishop Charles Thompson and his accomplices in just one year:

  • Three LGBTQ church workers have lost their jobs due to discrimination, all of whom have since filed lawsuits;
  • Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School has lost its Catholic designation per Archbishop Charles Thompson, who also banned the school from hosting school wide liturgies;
  • A report that a gay former student was forced to be silent by administrator, with current students at Roncalli threatened if they live out church teaching by criticizing unjust discrimination;
  • Students in Catholic schools  returning to class with clouds of discrimination and fear shadowing their opportunities to learn and grow, a reality that has the potential to be quite damaging for LGBTQ students.

At each step when church officials have had the choice to de-escalate and pursue reconciliation, they have chosen to redouble their campaign against LGBTQ church workers and suppress those who reject such discriminatory acts. Though bishops prefer not to criticize each other, for the good of the church, the time has come for Indianapolis’ archbishop to be corrected fraternally so he might stop these abuses.

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Robert Shine, New Ways Ministry, August 15, 2019

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5 replies
  1. Thomas Ellison
    Thomas Ellison says:

    There is irony in the school ‘s statement about their concern with the ‘good name’ and ‘reputation’ of students and faculty since it is the school’s actions which have besmirched both.

  2. Ray Ortman
    Ray Ortman says:

    When they seek to silence to voices of children, it shows how powerful those voices are. Voices for justice. Voices of compassion. Voices who might dare to speak boldly to power. And the adults are afraid? Afraid of a conversation? Afraid of questions? Afraid of meaningful encounter? Afraid that teachers and administrators might learn something from their students? Afraid they might be wrong? That speaks loudly too.

  3. Robert Davis
    Robert Davis says:

    How dare the Archdiocese speak about ethics or principle when they are guilty of hiding the extra marital affairs of their employees. The church wants to hide their acts behind the constitution while they break the commandments .
    Heresy runs rampant within those walls .

  4. Brandon
    Brandon says:

    I was a gay student here 2003-2006. For the time I was there I was called a “dog” by a staff member, had grades altered, and was told I was “2 credits short” of graduation even through I attended till the last day. To this day I never got my diploma from them. It’s all true, has been for years. It’s just now becoming public

    • Ray Ortman
      Ray Ortman says:

      Brandon, I am so sorry to hear how cruelly you were treated. My heart goes out to you. Thank you for speaking up. They should be ashamed, but you should be proud. May the love of Jesus heal your wounds and bring you peace and joy.


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