Across Canada, LGBTQ+ Advocates Challenge Catholic Schools to Celebrate Pride

The debate over LGBTQ+ issues, particularly how to mark Pride Month, has roiled Canada's publicly-funded Catholic school systems for years. A hallmark of this debate has been votes on whether to fly rainbow flags in June. LGBTQ+ advocates, however, have made steady inroads. With the school year concluding, today's post features four news stories where communities have resisted anti-LGBTQ+ efforts and endorsed Pride. Read More

Seattle Parents Form Group to Resist Catholic School’s Firing of LGBTQ+ Teacher

A Catholic school in Washington State has terminated a teacher because of her upcoming wedding to a same-gender partner, prompting backlash from the community and raising questions about the Archdiocese of Seattle's handling of LGBTQ+ issues. Read More

Morality Clauses in Teaching Contracts Must Be Rethought, Writes Catholic Schools Leader

For teachers, nearing the end of the school year brings a host of traditions and milestones, but, for those working in Catholic schools, it also typically means the time for renewing “ministerial covenants” in employment contracts. Read More

Georgetown U. Students Overwhelmingly Vote for Gender-Neutral Housing

Students at Georgetown University voted overwhelmingly in a referendum asking the school to establish gender-inclusive housing on campus, as well as a specific community for LGBTQ+ students. Read More

Priest Apologizes After Gay Author Gives Reading at Catholic School

A Michigan priest has publicly apologized for allowing a gay author to read to a preschool class at the parish school, claiming the invited author “does not represent the values of our Catholic faith.” Read More

Official Seeks Ban on Pride Flags in Ontario Catholic Schools

Controversies over whether Catholic schools in Ontario, Canada, can fly Pride flags continue, as do protests by parents, teachers, and LGBTQ+ students. Read More

Catholic Schools Week: The Arc Is Indeed Long

My own experience with Catholic high schools – an arc of more than forty years – confirms that the direction is indeed towards justice, but that we need to keep working to make the arc bend that way. Read More

Catholic Schools Week: One LGBTQ+ Campus Minister’s Journey to Affirming Work

I can’t repair injustice in the Church alone, but I can choose to work in places that are more affirming, and depart from the most hostile spaces. Read More

Ontario Catholic School Board Restricts Student Access to LGBTQ+ Books

The Waterloo Catholic District School Board, in southwest Ontario, recently restricted access to books that portray LGBTQ+ characters, making the texts unavailable to some students. Read More

In Reversal, Calgary Catholic Schools Ban “Safe Space” Stickers

A Canadian Catholic school district has reportedly banned the use of "safe space" stickers in classrooms, contradicting the goals of the provincial teachers association. Read More