African LGBTQ+ Advocates Welcome Pope Francis’ Message on Decriminalization

"We think it will change the perception of all the religious people in our countries who think that when you are homosexual, you are to be slaughtered, to be dehumanised, you are devils." Read More

Church Teaching on Homosexuality Has “Shaky Foundations,” Says Leading Catholic Journal

"It is problematic – if not contradictory – to stand up for the dignity of a gay person of either sex while deploring what it is about them that defines them as gay, namely their desire for intimate personal relationships with others of the same sex." Read More

Are Queer Bars More Sacred Than Churches?

'I experienced that genuine, authentic love in gay bars more than I’d ever experienced it growing up in the four walls of the church,' said musician Trey Pearson. Read More

On Eve of Pope’s Visit, South Sudan Official Confuses Criminalization With Marriage Equality

I hope Pope Francis is able to find some way to remind the South Sudanese government, Catholic Church leaders, and people that for peace to prevail, there needs to be justice for all.  Read More

Catholic LGBTQ+ Advocates Welcome Pope Francis’ Denouncement of Criminalization Laws

Catholic LGBTQ+ advocates largely have welcomed Pope Francis' denouncement of laws that criminalize being LGBTQ+. Today's post features a first set of these reactions. Read More

Court Sides With Catholic School Board Against Anti-LGBTQ Trustee

An Ontario court has ruled that the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) acted legally... Read More

“The Beatitudes Have Become a Balm for My Queer Soul”

To other queer folx, I hope you hear in the Beatitudes an affirmation of your journey. Read More

LGBTQ+ Ministry Means the Church Must Risk Beyond Its Comfort Zones

While many readers of Bondings 2.0 (including me) often think of Pope Francis as the most... Read More

New Books from Pope Francis, Benedict XVI Highlight Contrast on Homosexuality

Statements about gay people appear in two new books, one by Pope Francis and one by Benedict XVI, the deceased pope emeritus, predictably falling along the positive and negative approaches expected of each prelate. Read More

Pope Francis Denounces Criminalization Laws, Saying “Being Homosexual Is Not a Crime”

Pope Francis has denounced laws that criminalize LGBTQ+ people, saying "being homosexual is not a crime" and that bishops needed to undergo "a process of conversion" to be more affirming. Read More