Vatican Reverses Its Decision, Will Allow Pro-LGBTQ+ Theologian to Be University Dean

The Vatican has reversed its decision that once barred an LGBTQ-supportive theologian from becoming a university dean. The Vatican will now allow him to assume the position a year later. Read More

Leaders of Germany’s #OutInChurch Negative About Church’s Response, Affirm Gay Religious

A leader of Germany's #OutInChurch initiative has evaluated the church's response in the past two years quite negatively, while one member of the initiative affirmed the presence of gay men in religious life. Elsewhere in the country, a Catholic men's group criticized some of Pope Francis anti-transgender rhetoric.  Read More

Bishop Apologizes for Church’s Mistreatment of LGBTQ+ People

A bishop in Germany has apologized for the church's mistreatment of LGBTQ+ people, and encouraged Catholics to increase their support for equality and inclusion. Meanwhile, a German priest was acquitted on appeal in a trial over anti-gay hate speech. Read More

German Bishops Appoint New National Commissioner for LGBTQ+ Pastoral Care

In the German church's latest move for LGBTQ+ inclusion, the country's bishops' conference has appointed a prelate to lead queer pastoral care efforts. Read More

Vatican Letter Critical of Pro-LGBTQ+ German Catholics Escalates Tensions

The conflict between German Catholics and the Vatican has reached a new low. The Vatican released a letter criticizing the German church, specifically about has and women's ordination, while one top bishop forcefully defended the German faithful's efforts. Read More

Catholics Protest Cardinal, Bless LGBTQ+ Couples Outside German Cathedral

Several Catholic priests in Germany held a blessing ceremony for same-gender couples, defying the local archbishop who does not permit such liturgies. Read More

Berlin’s Archbishop Will Not Sanction Priests Who Bless LGBTQ+ Couples

A German archbishop has said that while he will not perform blessings of LGBTQ+ couples, no priest or pastoral minister who does so will be sanctioned in his archdiocese, a position he roots in the teachings of Pope Francis. Read More

Vatican’s Ambassador to Germany Criticized for Anti-LGBTQ+ Homily; And More News

For Catholic LGBTQ+ issues, there always seems to be news from German-speaking world, where pro-equality faithful have made tremendous inroads and controversies keep arising. Today's post highlights three news stories in recent months revealing that tension. Read More

LGBTQ+ German Church Workers Write to Pope Francis Seeking Reforms to Catechism

LGBTQ+ church workers in Germany who wrote to Pope Francis proposing evolutions in church teaching have now released their letter publicly after receiving no response. Read More

German Bishop Calls for “Significant Changes” to Catholic Teachings on Sexuality

In a letter to his diocese, a German bishop has called for the church to re-evaluate its sexual ethics and consider LGBTQ+ people at the center of this work. Read More