Transgender Issues

Trans-affirming Catholics must provide a positive approach to gender identity issues against growing critiques from church leaders about “gender ideology.” We must respond well to the needs of transgender, gender non-conforming, and non-binary people in the church, and come to appreciate the gifts such communities offer.

New Ways Ministry’s Suggestions for Including Transgender People in Your Catholic Parish, School, or Community

  1. Have a specific meeting to watch videos about transgender issues.
  2. If you have a book club, include some of the books on transgender experiences.
  3. Speak about needs, concerns, joys of transgender people in homilies, prayers, group sharing, talks, bulletins.
  4. Be visibly supportive of transgender people in work, prayer, and social environments.
  5. Develop a transgender-friendly resource library; subscribe to transgender-friendly periodicals.
  6. Recognize and/or participate in public transgender events.
  7. Invite support groups for transgender people to use church/community space.
  8. Hold an inclusive Mass celebrating all forms of diversity.
  9. Sponsor a retreat or day of recollection for transgender people and their families.
  10. Include transgender topics in adult religious education and youth ministry programs.
  11. Put an ad in the local LGBTQ paper inviting transgender people to your parish events and liturgies.
  12. Sponsor a panel inviting transgender people to speak about their faith.
  13. Form support groups for transgender people and for their parents, families, and friends
  14. Become involved and/or educate parish around pro/anti-transgender initiatives in legislation.
  15. Work with neighboring parishes to sponsor education days on transgender topics.
  16. Include transgender organizations in potential parish stewardship opportunities as both donors and recipients.
  17. Have your faith community host New Ways Ministry’s “Trans-Forming Love” workshop, which introduces transgender issues from scientific, social, and religious perspectives. Click here for more information and to fill out a request form.
  18. Provide an all-gender restroom.
  19. Respect a person’s pronouns.
  20. Email for more information on transgender issues.