Norwegian Bishops Oppose Government Bill to Ban Conversion Therapy

Catholic bishops in Norway have opposed a government bill that would ban conversion therapy in the country, claiming that doing so would undermine religious rights. Read More

Catholic High School’s New Policy Bans Pride, Black Lives Matter Flags from Classroom

Members of a Catholic school's diversity and inclusion committee have resigned after the school's leaders announced a policy of neutrality on flying Pride and Black Lives Matter flags. Read More

U.S. Bishops’ Conference Elects President With Anti-LGBTQ Record

In his first press conference, the new president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has repeated the false claim that homosexuality is a cause of sexual abuse in the church. Meanwhile, the U.S. bishops sustain their use of religious liberty to counter LGBTQ+ equality. Read More

Catholic Cemetery Apologizes for Removing Gay Couple’s Wedding Date from Headstone

An Ohio Catholic cemetery has apologized for erasing a gay couple’s marriage date from the headstone of one member of the couple. Read More

Denver Catholics Condemn Damage Done by Archdiocese’s LGBTQ-Negative Policies

Catholics are speaking out about the damage that LGBTQ-negative policies and practices by the Archdiocese of Denver are doing. The criticism comes after an archdiocesan gender policy became public this week, which bans transgender students from Catholic schools and place other limitations on LGBTQ+ people. Read More

Is Light for LGBTQ+ Catholics Coming from the Day of Wrath or the Sun of Justice?

As a gay man in the Church, I am constantly torn between the “glass half-empty” and “glass half-full” views – or more in keeping with the imagery at hand, the question of “Is that light the coming Day of Wrath, blazing like an oven – or is it the Sun of Justice, with its healing rays?” Read More

Prominent LGBTQ+ Historian John D’Emilio Publishes Memoir on Catholic Upbringing

A prominent queer historian has recently published a new memoir entitled Memories of a Gay Catholic Boyhood: Coming of Age in the Sixties, combining his journey of coming out and LGBTQ+ activism with his Catholic upbringing.  Read More

Candidates for USCCB Presidency Include Mostly LGBTQ-Negative U.S. Bishops

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops begins its fall meeting today, at which a new conference president and vice-president will be elected. The candidates include some of the most conservative bishops in the U.S. Today's post includes brief description of the candidates' records on LGBTQ+ issues where possible. Read More

Denver Archdiocese’s Gender Policy Bans Transgender Students from Catholic Schools

An archdiocesan gender policy that has been made public bans transgender students from attending Catholic schools, and also implies LGBTQ+ parents, employees, and even allies should be excluded or fired. Read More

Bishop Rebukes Priest Who Criticized “Lunatic Approach to Transgenderism” in Homily

A bishop in Ireland has banned from ministry a priest who made anti-LGBTQ+ comments during a homily. Read More