Jesuit Universities Host Drag Show, Celebrate Queer History, and More

With the academic year underway, today's post features three LGBTQ+ stories from Catholic Jesuit higher education. Read More

Finding God and Resurrection in Queer Marriages and Intimacies

I have come to love the puzzling marriage and family texts from the Gospels, for, in responding, they present opportunities for Queer Catholics to contribute to conversations about the lived experience of marriage and family. Read More

Michigan Bishops Falsely Claim Ballot Proposal Opens Gender Transition Care to Youth; And More News

Michigan's Catholic bishops are opposing a constitutional amendment to protect reproductive rights using the false claim that it would also enable gender transitions for youth of any age.  Read More

Germany’s Franciscan Friars Elect Openly Gay Brother as New Provincial Leader

Germany's male Franciscans have elected an openly gay brother as their new leader, who becomes one of the most high-profile out LGBTQ+ church leader to date. Read More

Bishop Claims Transgender and Nonbinary Identities Are Result of Original Sin

A U.S. bishop has suggested that being transgender is a result of the Fall and made other negative comments in a new letter on gender. Read More

Catholic LGBTQ+ Advocates Respond Positively to Vatican’s New Synod Document

Catholic LGBTQ+ advocates have responded positively to the Vatican's latest document on the Synod released last week, praising church officials for reflecting a real style of listening and humility in it. Read More

Scotland’s Bishops Again Working to Stop Proposed Law Helping Transgender Youth

Scottish Catholic leaders have so far unsuccessfully opposed a new bill aimed at helping transgender youth who choose to transition. Read More

Sydney Catholic Schools Apologizes for Student Musical Featuring Queer Couple

Australian parents and educators are engaged in disagreement over the depiction of a gay couple in a recent production of School of Rock, produced by the Sydney Catholic Schools organization. Read More

Wondrous Things in Store

On the feasts of All Saints and All Souls, may the enduring oneness of Sergius and Bacchus, Perpetua and Felicity, be a tender reminder of some of the wondrous things also in store for you. Read More

Contemporary Social Issues Impact Sainthood Causes, Including Fr. Mychal Judge

A recent article in U.S. Catholic examined how sainthood—and the causes for canonization specifically—are impacted by contemporary issues, citing Fr. Mychal Judge's causes as one example. Read More