Catholic School Trustee Removed Over Facebook Post Linking LGBTQ+ Pride, Nazism

A Canadian Catholic school board trustee was deemed ineligible to serve over an anti-LGBTQ+ social media post and further refusal to make amends for the post, leading to the trustee's resignation. Read More

Trans Day of Remembrance: A Day for LGBTQ+ Catholics to Mourn, Pray—and Act

On this Trans Day of Remembrance, we pray for an end to anti-trans violence, and we take action to make our world safe for God’s transgender children. Read More

Finding New Ways Beyond Shame and Honor

To encounter today’s Gospel, we need to recognize that these systems in which we dwell are based on the practice of honor and shame. Read More

What Gifts Could Church Gain By Welcoming Transgender Catholics, Asks Writer

In the National Catholic Reporter, transgender Catholic Maxwell Kuzma has written about what positive impact the Vatican's greater welcome to gender-expansive people could have. Read More

Catholic Reform Advocates’ Response to Synod Is Largely Negative

Catholic reformers have responded largely negatively to the synthesis report from last month's General Assembly of the Synod on Synodality. The report failed to mention LGBTQ+ people directly, though a closer reading reveals sections that, if applied to gender and sexuality issues, could be helpful. Read More

Catholics Resist Bay Area Bishops’ Letter Denying Transgender Identities

Catholic parents and community members have strongly resisted a transgender-negative joint letter from two California bishops this fall. Read More

Post-Synod Commentaries Reveal Fuller Story on LGBTQ+ Discussions

In the two weeks since the Synod on Synodality's first General Assembly ended, a flurry of reactions and commentaries have appeared, both about the meeting's final report and the larger process. Read More

Brazilian Church Incorporates Catholic LGBTQ+ Network into Church Structures

Pro-LGBTQ+ Catholic groups in Brazil have received welcome and openness within the church, while encountering pushback from Brazilian society. Read More

LGBTQ+ Youth “Deserve So Much Better” from Church, Writes Catholic Sister

Sr. Christine Schenk, CSJ, is currently grieving the loss of freedom for many LGBTQ+ students in Ohio. Read More

On Synodality and Awakening

Are we awake? Is the Church awake? Is the Church a foolish bridesmaid or a wise one? Read More