When Life Feels Like You’re Spinning Around and Around

"By peeling away the layers of shame and homophobia, I finally connected with the Spirit of God flowing through me which lifted me out of the darkness and despair." Read More

Catholic Liturgy Is a Vehicle for Parents to Embrace Transgender Children

The Catholic liturgy creates an inclusive spiritual framework for parents to understand as well as nurture their transgender children Read More

Parish Criticizes Pro Football Team’s Rainbow-Lighted Stadium

To celebrate Pride month, the New Orleans Saints football team posted a photo of their... Read More

McAleese Once Again Calls Out Church Teaching on Homosexuality In No Uncertain Terms

“The Church’s teaching on homosexuality is ignorant, it is unreconstructive in the life of science, it’s sad to say. It has never been looked at in the light of the new sciences and it’s not only a pity, it’s worse than that." Read More

Detroit Families Group Will Continue Its Ministry Separate From National Network

This situation illustrates a tension that exists in LGBTQ ministry with regard to whether a group chooses to express their dissenting views on the church’s sexual ethics teaching or to minister while remaining neutral or expressing support for the church’s teaching on sexual ethics. Read More

Freedom of Religion vs. Freedom from Discrimination: A Lament and A Plan of Action

As LGBTQ Catholics, we recognize that none of us is free from discrimination unless all of us are.  What are our next moves? Read More

Young Adult Novel Tells Story of Sexuality, Gender Identity, Abuse, and Faith

A review of a Young Adult novel that tells an ambitious story of gender identity, trauma, friendship, faith, self-acceptance, and clerical sexual abuse. Read More

A Plant Filled With Color, Not a Field Filled With Weeds

How can we help make our Church look more like Christ’s vision of that nourishing plant filled with birds, or of a field that isn’t so choked with weeds? Read More

Gabon Archdiocese Opposes Homosexuality Decriminalization; And More Catholic LGBTQ News

Today's post features news items on a Gabon archbishop's unsuccessful attempt to stop the decriminalization of homosexuality in that country, a Ugandan bishop's opposition to LGBTQ adoptions, the Scottish church's efforts against transgender laws, and more. Read More

Gay Teacher at Catholic School Appeals for an End to the Firing of LGBTQ Church Workers

An LGBTQ Catholic school teacher has shared his reflections on the church’s too-frequent problem of firing LGBTQ employees, following the recent dismissal of  two of his colleagues Read More