Archbishop: It Costs Nothing to Accept a Person as They Present Themselves; More News

It has been two weeks since the Vatican released Dignitas Infinita, its declaration on human dignity that included negative sections on gender identity and transitions. In that time, commentaries about what the document says about and means for the LGBTQ+ community, especially transgender and nonbinary people, have abounded. Today's post features some of these commentaries. Read More

In Peter’s Declaration, We Learn the True Definition of Allyship

What if our allyship and activism were instead unwavering, just like Peter’s belief in Jesus? Read More

Catholic Student Sues Public School District Over Transgender Protections

A Catholic student in Virginia is suing her local school board, claiming that the district’s transgender protections are “fundamentally at odds with her religious beliefs.” Read More

Love Means More…Or Less

The U.S. bishops' "Love Means More" initiative is much less about having fruitful conversation about love and life, intimacy and commitment, than it is about providing simplistic answers to complex questions and pat refutations of people’s experiences. Read More

Archbishop Negatively Compares Gender Transitions to Alcohol Use During Pregnancy

The Archdiocese of Detroit has issued new policies concerning gender identity, joining dozens of other U.S. dioceses which have already implemented transgender-negative restrictive rules. Read More

Georgetown U. Students Overwhelmingly Vote for Gender-Neutral Housing

Students at Georgetown University voted overwhelmingly in a referendum asking the school to establish gender-inclusive housing on campus, as well as a specific community for LGBTQ+ students. Read More

Cardinal Welcomes New Transgender-Negative Vatican Document; And More Reactions

Responding to pro-LGBTQ+ critics of the Vatican's latest declaration, a top U.S. prelate has said the church "listens with the heart of the parent to a child, but it doesn’t believe that the child gets everything they ask for." Read More

Gender Identity Should Be on Synod Agenda—And It Is Now, Writes Paul Elie

Criticism and commentary about Dignitas Infinita, the Vatican's transgender-negative declaration on human dignity, has continued steadily in the week since the document's release. Today's post features insights from Paul Elie, a senior fellow at Georgetown University, who published his criticisms in The New Yorker. Read More

The Resurrection’s Lessons for Doing Intersectional LGBTQ+ Ministry

Queer women also deal with a myriad of injustices that only women face. In the case of the ministry mentioned above, located in a country where femicides are commonplace, it's no wonder queer women want to burn it all down. Read More

“I Wish the Vatican Would See My Inalienable Dignity,” Says Trans Catholic; More Reactions

Today's post features more reactions to Dignitas Infinita, the Vatican declaration on human dignity released last Monday that sharply condemned "Gender Theory" and "Sex Change." Read More