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  1. John Hilgeman
    John Hilgeman says:

    What about the LGB children who would be placed by this agency whose religious beliefs hold that they are flawed and their orientation is intrinsically disordered? And what about the transgender children whom this agency’s religious belief holds that they are not really transgender but are acting against the will of the creator? This agency should not be receiving any funding from the city. If the agency is so unenlightened, and their religious doctrines blind them to reality, they should not be allowed by the city to push their discriminatory doctrines on prospective foster parents or on children whose orientation or gender identity they would disdain and disregard so egregiously. If the agency will not do what is best for the children, the secular authorities must step in to provide the children with appropriate foster parents, and to protect them from the harm of a misguided and destructive religious doctrine.

  2. Peter
    Peter says:

    Catholic Social Services’ ability to be a quality agency IS in dispute. Until there is a significant shift in church doctrine from the Vatican they would remain feeling justified in their arrogant and contempt filled positions.

  3. Don Larosn
    Don Larosn says:

    Deeply held religious beliefs should allow CSS to continue to serve but without state funding. This is not about religious beliefs but about losing funding. CSS has NO right to government funding when they willfully discriminate against same sex couples. Yet, they will fight for it under the guise of religious liberty. That is patently offensive.

  4. Tim MacGeorge
    Tim MacGeorge says:

    I don’t know if this is possible legally, but it seems to me that the CSS argument that they are being faithful to their own religious tradition needs to be challenged.

    Do they, for example, refuse to work with unmarried couples, or couples who are married “outside the church”? Do they work with couples who practice artificial contraception? Do they work with individuals or couples who fall short on any other “teaching of the church”? And … more importantly … do they work with individuals or couples who don’t live Gospel values in their lives — those who support the death penalty or are pro-choice? those who do not support the rights of migrants, or efforts to protect God’s creation in the environment?

    I suspect that CSS is quite inconsistent when it comes to looking at their claim that they only work with those whose lives, in one way or another, offend CSS’s “religious tradition.”

  5. Fiona Bowie
    Fiona Bowie says:

    We had a similar issue with the Catholic adoption agency in Wales, which was seeking at the time to take over all local authority adoption contracts. It had the best records of support and placement of older children and lowest breakdown rate. Thankfully rather than close they disaffiliated from the RC Church and became St David’s Childrens Society. While keeping their Christian ethos they were then able to comply with equality legislation, expand their activities and continue to offer an excellent service.


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