Break Out Your Queer Bibles, Say Your Sapphic Prayers: A Review of Emily Austin’s “Gay Girl Prayers”

Each poem in Gay Girls Prayers is named after a pivotal Biblical passage that recounts the experiences of women and LGBTQ+ individuals during the time of Christ. Read More

Living on the Margins—Just Like Jesus

Identifying with those on the margins, I don’t need nor want to defend myself. I am much freer here knowing I am blessed everyday walking with Jesus who chose to live on the margins. Read More

Activists Protest Outside Vatican for Lesbian Mothers’ Rights; And More News

Today's post includes news about lesbian activists' protest outside the Vatican in support of mothers' rights, a controversy over a Hungarian Catholic publisher's textbook, and more. Read More

At the Well, Alex Meets Grace and Finds Love

In the following dialogue, I place myself in the role of the Samaritan woman who, considering she is going to the well at midday, instead of the morning with the rest of the community, has been shunned by society and keeps herself hidden to avoid any ridicule. Read More

Fired Lesbian Church Worker Says Archdiocese “Weaponized” Her Faith Against Her

A Colorado elementary school teacher fired by the Archdiocese of Denver for being in a same-gender relationship has said that she feels the church “weaponized” her faith against her. Read More

Lesbian Democratic Nominee for Oregon Governor Speaks About Catholic Upbringing

Tina Kotek is currently running for governor in Oregon, having won the Democratic nomination in the state's primaries last week. Kotek is counting on her previous experience, including her Catholic upbringing, to convince voters that she is ready to move to the governor’s mansion. Read More

Author’s Debut Novel Features Queer Catholic Protagonist with a Happy Ending

For LGBTQ youth, Catholic school can be a fraught experience. In a debut novel, The Lesbiana’s Guide to Catholic School, Sonora Reyes gives the protagonist who is a queer, Catholic school student a happy ending. Read More

For the Synod, How About a Lesbian Potluck?

Let’s face it, conflicts in long, close relationships get into ruts. Read More

Queer Community and the Widow’s Act of Faith

I can relate to the widow’s fear that what I have to offer is insufficient. Read More

Lesbian Woman Files Discrimination Lawsuit Involving U.S. Bishops’ Foster Care Funding

A lesbian woman in Nashville is suing the U.S. government after she was twice rejected from being a foster parent to unaccompanied migrant children, which she believes is discrimination based on her sexual orientation. Read More