Pope Emphasizes Creative Pastoral Accompaniment Instead of a Focus on Sexual Activity

It has become Pope Francis' custom to meet with the Jesuit community in areas to which he travels, and most often, these conversations are later published. The latest transcript from his trip to Portugal for World Youth Day was just published, and includes comments on LGBTQ+ people. Read More

U.S. Priests Group Defends Gay Clergy, Seeks Dialogue with Bishops

A reform-oriented priests' group approved a statement of support for gay clergy at its assembly earlier this year, and ask the U.S. bishops to do likewise for such men. Read More

Review: New Book Tells of Gay Man’s Journey Towards Priesthood and Beyond

William Glenn’s "I Came Here Seeking a Person: A Vital Story of Grace; One Gay Man’s Spiritual Journey" is both timely and invaluable for its long perspective, covering a period of time from before Stonewall to today. Read More

A Synodal Church Must Abandon Colonizing Ideas of Gender and Sexuality, Writes Gay Catholic

So many of the conversations about and hopes for the Synod on Synodality's global assembly in Rome this October have focused on what will be gained as the Catholic Church becomes more of a synodal institution. But one gay Catholic points out that if the church wants to move towards Pope Francis’ synodal vision, it will have to also let go of some longheld ideas. Read More

Two LGBTQ+ Catholics Face Each Other in Election for San Francisco Political Office

Two queer Catholics are vying for the same district seat to serve on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. The historic political body, which was home to Harvey Milk, the first openly gay man to serve in a political office in the United States, will soon be the workplace of an LGBTQ Catholic, according to the Bay Area Reporter. Read More

After 26 Year Fast, Gay Abuse Survivor Told by Pope Francis to “Take Communion”

Pope Francis has told a gay survivor of clergy sexual abuse to "take Communion" after the survivor had refrained from doing so for 26 years, in part because of his sexual orientation. Read More

Polish Priest Loses Appeal in Anti-Gay Hate Speech Trial, Ordered to Pay Fines

A hate speech trial against two priests in Germany has ended after one of the priest's appeal failed and fines were issued in exchange for ending the case. Read More

Archbishop Warns Priest Who Suggested Being Gay Worse Than Demonic Possession

A top church official in Malta instructed a priest to refrain from harmful remarks after the priest claimed being LGBTQ was worse than being possessed by the devil. Read More

The Question Is Not “Was Cardinal John Henry Newman Gay?” But “Was He Straight?”

To find an answer to the question “Was Cardinal Newman gay?” I think may best be answered by rephrasing the question to "Was Cardinal Newman straight?" Read More

Priests Says Secrecy About Homosexuality in the Priesthood Is a “Slow-Moving Cancer”

The story of gay men in the Catholic priesthood received national attention earlier this summer in a segment on CBS' Sunday Morning, in particular the stories of Fr. Greg Greiten and an anonymous priest who called the culture of secrecy a "slow-moving cancer." Read More