Denver Catholic Charities Will Not Let Same-Gender Couples Adopt

Catholic Charities Archdiocese of DenverIf a civil unions bill becomes law this year in Colorado (and it looks likely that it will), the Archdiocese of Denver’s Catholic Charities has said that it will not place children available for adoption in families headed by same-sex couples. reports the statements of two Catholic officials on the matter:

” ‘Our desire is to provide them [children] with a safe and stable environment,’ Tracy Murphy with Catholic Charities of Denver said.

“The debate begins when you examine what the Catholic church means by that.

” ‘The Catholic church understands the best foundation for a child’s life is to be in the home of a father and a mother that is going to raise them in a family environment that is a strong, healthy marriage,’ said Monsignor Tom Fryar, who serves as pastor for the Denver Cathedral.

“By dictionary definition, the church does discriminate when it comes to adoptions– not just against gays but also against single people.

“They only let married couples adopt. Even if the laws change, the church won’t.

” ‘We cannot,’ Fryar said. ‘It goes against our faith.’ “

Catholics who oppose the civil unions law are trying to get a “conscience clause,  which is explained by’s  report:

“Last year’s bill contained the words: ‘This article shall not be interpreted to require a child placement agency to place a child for adoption with a couple that has entered into a civil union.’

“Supporters of civil unions begrudgingly included the clause last year, hoping it would help get the bill through the GOP-controlled House. Now that Democrats are in control, they are less inclined to accommodate religious organizations who opposed civil unions when the bill did have the clause.”

Putting the politics aside, it is amazing that Msgr. Fryar would say that adoption policy “goes against our faith.”  This is not a faith issue. Our faith does not say anything about what an ideal family would be for a particular child.  One need only look at Scripture, Catholic history, and the lives of the saints to know that there are many models of families and forms of childcare other than relying on a heterosexual standard.  Furthermore, the children and the parents involved may not necessarily be Catholic.

A Colorado lawmaker commented on the adoption controversy by making reference to segregation laws:

” ‘It sounds like, “we have our water fountains, and there are other water fountains for you,” ‘ Sen. Jessie Ulibarri (D-Commerce City) said.”

–Francis DeBernardo, New Ways Ministry

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  1. catholicboyrichard
    catholicboyrichard says:

    Reblogged this on catholicboyrichard and commented:
    RICHARD’S THOUGHTS–It is stuff such as this which, aside from clear Church teaching which I as a same-sex attracted man am called, even invited, to follow, or else to find a Christian community which agrees with me on the topic rather than me attempting to change the hierarchy and leadership of a Church 1 billion strong, that scares me about so-called “marriage equality” and its future implications. Why?

    Because no religious organization should be forced to compromise their deeply-held and traditional convictions to please the public. I do not understand how that cannot be clear to those on both sides of the issue. And I have been on both. When I did briefly support same-sex marriage I was at least honest enough to find an Episcopal parish for that time period in my life. Why would it be my place to foist my views upon everyone from the Holy Father to the laity when that is clearly not what we teach as Roman Catholics and never has been?

    I understand, and first-hand, the pain and sense of frustration/hurt that comes no matter what one’s view is here. So I am not without empathy truly. What I do not understand though is the audacity to attempt to change clear and long-standing official Church teaching. If I believe, I stay. If not, I worship elsewhere. But I do not force my beliefs upon the world or the Church.

    And, unfortunately, that is what Catholic Charities is being forced to choose here. It cannot end well for either group or agenda.

    • Richard Baldwin Cook
      Richard Baldwin Cook says:

      What you are overlooking here is that Catholic Charities is using public money. For this reason, Catholic Charities cannot discriminate against members of the public. also, the conscience protections built into the Constitution are there to protect individuals, not religious institutions

      • Chaplain Bill
        Chaplain Bill says:

        I agree. Any organization that receives taxpayer funds must conform to the law. The RC can do anything it likes on its own dime. The underlying issue for me is why would the Roman Church not continue adoption services just pay for it themselves? No one if forcing the RC to do anything, it’s just not going to be paid for with public funds. Further, notice now that even civil unions are objectionable. When will it stop?

  2. Maven Hart
    Maven Hart says:

    My partner and i testified about this very thing we were housed at catholic charity’s in2010 because of total loss of housing and our jobs. And my lesbian partner and i were kicked out because she was having someone else’s baby and asked me to adopt. I tried and we went through human services but in the end they took her Daughter out of our new home and placed her in Louisiana with one of my partners family friends. We never had a chance because I am Transgender. they berated and harassed me and told us our house had a Gender problem. Because they considered me as they should they same sex as my partner. Also a reason we were kicked to the street in 2010. Because if we came back together we would be moved to the Family Floor! We found a very nice one bedroom this year through DHA. But they got my partner to move out. catholic Charities provides many services in my disabled housing.


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