Ireland Ends "Year of Equality" with LGBT Church Worker Protections

Ireland’s lawmakers ended the country’s “Year of Equality” by passing a bill that will ban discrimination... Read More

Church Workers Speak Out, Backed by 1,000+ Catholics at Call To Action Meeting

Nearly 1,000 Catholics affirmed a Catholic Church Worker Declaration earlier this month, standing with church workers who have lost their jobs in LGBT-related disputes behind the document. Read More

LGBT Church Worker Struggles Continue in Court, in Schools, and the Chancery

Disputes involving church workers and their Catholic employers have been on the rise the last several years as LGBT rights, particularly around marriage, spread. Below, Bondings 2.0 provides updates for recent incidents about which we have reported previously. Read More

Archbishop Warns Church Workers as Marriage Equality Comes to Florida

Marriage equality is now law in Florida and Archbishop Thomas Wenski of Miami has wasted no time warning church workers they could lose their jobs for publicly supporting LGBT rights.  Read More

Fired Food Pantry Worker Files Lawsuit, Seeks Healing

Colleen Simon was “shell-shocked” when her Catholic employer fired her for being a married lesbian woman.... Read More

Cincinnati Teacher Forced Out for Loving Gay Son

Tensions in Cincinnati have been building since the Archdiocese released a  new teaching contract which features an enhanced morality clause... Read More

As ENDA Passes to Senate, U.S. Bishops Renew Anti-LGBT Rights Campaign

On Monday evening, the US Senate voted to move the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), a... Read More

March on Washington Can Teach Catholic Church About Equality

Millions of Americans marked the 50th anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington on Wednesday,... Read More

Carla Hale Settles with Diocese of Columbus in Discriminatory Firing

Lesbian educator Carla Hale, who was fired from a Catholic high school earlier this year,... Read More