Please Vote: The Best and Worst Catholic LGBTQ+ News of 2023

When The National Catholic Reporter named New Ways Ministry’s Sister Jeannine Gramick “Newsmaker of the Year” earlier this month, the article announcing this decision emphasized that 2023 has witnessed”extraordinary, if tentative, movement” in “how the Catholic Church includes and ministers to its LGBTQ members. Things have happened in the past 12 months that would have once seemed the work of a novelist untethered from reality.”

We couldn’t agree more.

But that is not the whole story.

Yes, 2023 has seen some incredible positive advances in the relationship between the Catholic Church and its LGBTQ+ members. Yet, there have also been some difficult, negative developments to remind us that more work is still very much needed.

As is Bonding 2.0’s tradition, during this last week of the year, we ask you, our readers, to vote for what you think have been the best and worst Catholic LGBTQ+ news events of 2023. We have selected 15 nominees under each heading, and we ask you to vote for the five that you think are the best and for the five you think are the worst.

The deadline for voting is Thursday, December 28th, 12:00 noon, Eastern U.S. time. So don’t delay! Cast your votes now! The two polls are at the end of this post.

After we tally the results, we will post a list of the top ten worst events on Friday, December 29th, and the top ten best events on Saturday, December 30th.

If you want to nominate an event for either list that is not mentioned in the polls, please add them in the “Comments” section of this post.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Patricia Fowlie
    Patricia Fowlie says:

    Westminster Government blocking GRR bill passed by Scottish parliament (I’m a Scot living in England). And backlash resulting stirred up by the inexplicably popular author of Harry Potter books. The reaction of the Westminster government (de lege UK government de facto English government) in issuing anti-trans guidelines for schools in England – fortunately Scotland has always had control of our education.


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