Ghana Archbishop Says Sex Ed Is ‘Subtle Way of Introducing Gay/Lesbian Thing to Children’

Archbishop Philip Naameh

A leading bishop and Catholic teachers in Ghana have joined together to oppose the introduction of comprehensive sexual education in the nation’s schools.

Archbishop Philip Naameh of Tamale, speaking as president of the Ghana Catholic Bishops Conference, rejected government efforts to introduce comprehensive sexual education into primary schools next year. Naameh said the program was “unacceptable” and “a subtle way of introducing this gay and lesbian thing into our children.” GhanaWeb reported:

“The Archbishop says he is of a strong conviction that the move is an agenda to subtly introduce homosexuality to Ghana and has called on parents and persons in authority to reject the move he describes as unacceptable

” ‘Some people are telling me the syllabus is a draft. Therefore we want to call on people in high positions and parents to reject it outright because this is not for us. It is a subtle way to introduce this gay and lesbian thing to our children. We are already struggling to teach morality to our children at all levels of our schools and they want to bring this in. This is unacceptable,’ he intimated.”

Joining the archbishop’s protests are Catholic teachers who released a statement in mid-October at the end of their national meeting. The Catholic Spirit reported that the teachers opposed the program’s alleged “unlimited scope and span” that could “create room for anything to be introduced” by interest groups:

“Heads of schools should be ‘vigilant about the activities of nongovernmental organizations that may be used to execute this agenda,’ the teachers’ statement said. If the budgetary allocation for the program was approved by parliament, then parliament must answer to the people of Ghana, it said.

“The teachers called on Ghana’s education minister to apologize to the bishops and others who had expressed concerns about the program.”

The United Nations-connected program, titled “Our Right, Our Lives, Our Future,” is backed by the governments of Sweden and Ireland and is being introduced in several African nations. Naameh and the teachers are joined by other religious leaders and anti-LGBTQ activists also decrying the sexual education program as a means of advancing homosexuality.

Robert Shine, New Ways Ministry, October 22, 2019

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  1. Thomas Ellison
    Thomas Ellison says:

    The bishop does not seem to understand that many kids already know at a pre pubescent age where their sexuality may be heading. Providing education is never harmful but shaming always is.

  2. Paula Mattras
    Paula Mattras says:

    Education is about keeping current on learning. Or should be. How long did civilization believe that the world was not round? Why keep scholarly advancement “in the closet” when there is so much research available to learn? Knowledge opens doors on why the norm for one may not be the norm for another. Socrates was wise because he knew that he did not know. It is the truth that sets one free………we should all pursue it and embrace it.

  3. John Hilgeman
    John Hilgeman says:

    It looks like this good archbishop needs some education in human sexuality himself. Indeed, I would suggest that a lack of knowledge of human sexuality is one of the main reasons that the statements and actions of so many Catholic bishops are irrelevant, if not downright harmful.

    Furthermore, sexuality is a core element of who we are. It is strange to educate students in nutrition, exercise, and so many other elements involving their physical, mental and psychological wellbeing, while avoiding addressing the understanding of and health of their sexuality.

  4. R. Omann
    R. Omann says:

    Kindly suggest to the archbishop that he leave the subject of sexuality to others and lend his wisdom to the evolving Christian theology of his church. There are other far more important and relevant issues of Christian living and behavior to emphasize. See Fr. Richard Rohr for examples.

  5. Paula Mattras
    Paula Mattras says:

    For too long has the subject been avoided in teaching communities. No wonder there is so much fright and sadness and suicide among our precious LGBTQ children when they realize they are “somewhat different” than what is being taught about human “normalcy.” Education is extremely important – not only for those directly affected but by everyone else as well. At one time there was no educational material available, but no more. Intelligent people want to know the truth about human nature. God bless us all.


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