Factoring the Biology of Love into Catholic Sexual Ethics

If you are a Catholic concerned about LGBTQ+ equality in the church, one topic that is surely at the top of your mind is the importance of moral approval of same-gender sexual relationships. Those thoughts may be foremost in your mind today, Valentine’s Day, a time to reflect on the goodness of love, commitment, and relationship. Read More

“Repeating a Silly Idea Doesn’t Make It True”: Where Some Bishops Err on Trans Identities

Repeating a silly idea doesn’t make it true. Church leaders' accusation of trans people holding a body/soul dualism is exactly backwards; any dualism here is in the magisterial minds, not those of the people they attack. Read More

QUOTE TO NOTE: Church Leaders Need to “Own Up to Modern Biology” on LGBT Issues

Will there someday be a world without gender? This possibility is explored by theologian Ilia Delio in a recent piece for "Global Sisters Report." Read More