“Repeating a Silly Idea Doesn’t Make It True”: Where Some Bishops Err on Trans Identities

Repeating a silly idea doesn’t make it true. Church leaders' accusation of trans people holding a body/soul dualism is exactly backwards; any dualism here is in the magisterial minds, not those of the people they attack. Read More

Sr. Jeannine Gramick Writes About Providential Encounter with Benedict XVI

As Benedict XVI was laid to rest this week, Sr. Jeannine Gramick again recounted her chance encounter with the former pope, then serving as a top Curia official overseeing an investigation against her ministry. Read More

Advocates Reflect on Benedict XVI’s Largely Negative LGBTQ+ Impact

LGBTQ+ advocates have marked the death of Benedict XVI, the pope emeritus, with reflections about the impact he had—as a theologian and cardinal, as well as pope—on issues of gender and sexuality in the church. Read More

Benedict XVI’s Death Highlights the Church’s Changes on LGBTQ+ Issues

Why is there so little commentary on the death of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI? Read More

Benedict XVI in the Company of LGBTQ+ Saints

Since hearing of his death, I’ve imagined Benedict XVI sitting in a heavenly classroom where his teachers are queer martyrs and saints. Read More

New Ways Ministry Marks the Passing of Benedict XVI

New Ways Ministry offers prayers for the repose of the soul of the Benedict XVI, the Pope Emeritus, who passed away on December 31, 2022.   Read More

Former Pope Benedict XVI Calls Marriage Equality a “Deformation of Conscience”

Former pope Benedict XVI sharply criticized marriage equality as the result of a "deformation of conscience" that is in "contradiction to all previously successive cultures of mankind." Read More

The Good and the Bad of Pope Francis’ Support for Civil Unions

Theologian Lisa Fullam writes, "Pope Francis’ recent statement supporting civil unions for lesbian and gay couples is, I think, good news and bad news." Read More

In New Book, Former Pope Benedict XVI Says Marriage Equality “Absurd,” Linked to Antichrist

Former Pope Benedict XVI has claimed that marriage equality would have been an "absurd" idea a century ago, but to deny it leads to a social excommunication today. He continued that equal marriage rights, alongside abortion and reproductive technologies are of the Antichrist. Read More

Former Pope Benedict XVI Partially Blames “Homosexual Cliques” for Sexual Abuse Crisis

The former pope, Benedict XVI, has become the latest Church leader to blame gay priests for the clergy sexual abuse crisis, a myth which remains debated despite evidence that homosexuality is not a cause of the crisis. Read More