French Archbishop Will Bless Same-Gender Couples; More Positive Responses

Today's post highlights positive responses from around the world to the Vatican's declaration allowing blessings for same-gender couples. Read More

Drag Performer Arrested After Controversial Performance of the “Lord’s Prayer”

A drag performer in the Philippines has been arrested following a controversial act involving the Lord's Prayer. Read More

Drag Performance of the Lord’s Prayer Sparks Philippines Controversy

A recent viral video of a Filipino drag queen performing “Ama Namin,” the Tagalog translation of the Lord’s Prayer, has led to a debate over what may be deemed appropriate religious and artistic expression. Read More

A Synodal Church Must Abandon Colonizing Ideas of Gender and Sexuality, Writes Gay Catholic

So many of the conversations about and hopes for the Synod on Synodality's global assembly in Rome this October have focused on what will be gained as the Catholic Church becomes more of a synodal institution. But one gay Catholic points out that if the church wants to move towards Pope Francis’ synodal vision, it will have to also let go of some longheld ideas. Read More

Bishops’ Conference in the Philippines Denounces Gay Former Seminarian’s Wedding

In an unprecedented move, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) has issued a public denouncement of a former seminarian for having a wedding service with his partner. Read More

LGBTQ+ Catholics in the Philippines Determined to Be Both Out and Part of the Church

In the Philippines, openly LGBTQ+ Catholics are challenging the notion that one cannot be both queer and faithfully Catholic. In this island nation where 85% of the population is Catholic, the issue is gaining increasing visibility, including in a recent Time profile. Read More

75% of Dutch Catholics Support Marriage Equality in the Church; And Other News

Today's post includes news about a new survey of Dutch Catholics and their views on marriage equality, as well as other news items. Read More

Transgender Legislator Hopes Pope’s Civil Unions Support Can Advance LGBTQ Bills

A transgender Catholic legislator in the Philippine has been using Pope Francis’s recent endorsement of same-gender civil unions to encourage LGBTQ equality in that country, including the legalization of civil unions.  Read More

Filipinx Gay Catholic Writes About Finding Way Back to God and to the Church

A Filipinx Catholic gay man has memoralized his powerful journey of self-discovery and how he found his way back to God and to the church. Now he is drawing on his experiences to help other LGBTQ Catholics in the Philippines and beyond. Read More

Results Mixed in Changing Church Records for Transgender and Intersex Catholics

Transgender and intersex Catholics have faced mixed results when requesting that church records be emended to reflect their actual names and gender identities. In Argentina, a transgender activist is suing a bishop who refused to change the activist's church records, a case that could now be taken up by the nation's Supreme Court. But in the Philippines, an intersex Catholic had their church records changed successfully. Read More