Leading Italian Prelate Clarifies Pope Francis Not Opposed to Gay Priests; And More Reactions

A leader for the Italian Episcopal Conference has denied widely-reported claims that Pope Francis believes gay men should be universally denied entry to seminaries. The prelate, who did not directly address the pope's reported use of an anti-gay word, did criticize news reports for taking Francis' words of context. Read More

“I Wish the Vatican Would See My Inalienable Dignity,” Says Trans Catholic; More Reactions

Today's post features more reactions to Dignitas Infinita, the Vatican declaration on human dignity released last Monday that sharply condemned "Gender Theory" and "Sex Change." Read More

Bishop Calls Transgender Day of Visibility a “Source of Division”; And More News

Today's post includes news about one U.S. bishop's objections to Transgender Day of Visibility, the closure of the homophobic website Church Militant, and more. Read More

Nuns, Bishops, and Athletes All Opine about L.A. Dodgers’ Catholic LGBTQ+ Controversy

The controversy involving the Los Angeles Dodgers' decision to honor the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (SPI) for their charitable work has continued with seemingly everyone weighing in, from women religious to baseball players to bishops. Read More

Gay Survivor of Clergy Abuse Writes Pope Francis “Pulled Me Out of the Grave”

The past week, Bondings 2.0 has marked the tenth anniversary of Pope Francis' election with evaluations of the pope's handling of LGBTQ+ issues, as well as relevant comments Francis made in interviews for the occasion. Today's post concludes that coverage with links to other pieces that may be of interest. Read More

What Lasting Impact Will Pope Francis’ Condemnation of Criminalization Laws Have?

Pope Francis has made headlines twice in as many weeks over his public denouncement of laws that criminalize LGBTQ+ people, including at the end of an apostolic visit to two African nations. But what impact will the pope's insistence that "being homosexual is not a crime" have in regions with criminalization laws and in the wider church? Read More

Review: New Book AIDS & Catholicism Offers LGBTQ Catholics “Hope for a New Future”

"Hidden Mercy" is a timely work, and its stories call us to action. Michael O’Loughlin’s work provides hope for a new future. Read More

On World AIDS Day, The Story of a Gay Catholic Couple’s Ministry to the Disease’s Victims

As we commemorate World AIDS Day today, we remember those who have lost their lives and honor all who courageously and lovingly open their arms to the suffering. Since the height of the AIDS epidemic in the 1990s, a gay couple in upstate New York have opened their home to people with the disease. Read More

Pope Francis Writes Letter to Gay Catholic In Support Of Catholics Who Ministered During AIDS Crisis

Pope Francis has commended the ministry of Catholics who cared for victims of HIV/AIDS, doing so in a letter to the author of a new book on the subject. Read More

LGBTQ Catholics’ Reactions to Pope Francis’ Support for Civil Unions Are Mixed Bag

Today's post highlights the voices of LGBTQ Catholics, who have had mixed reactions to the pope's words, with almost everyone agreeing that Francis needs to go further. Excerpts are provided here, but you can use the links to read further. Read More