Catholic Leaders in India Hail Supreme Court’s Anti-Marriage Equality Ruling

Several Catholic leaders in India have hailed a judicial ruling that the nation's Parliament, not its courts, must decide whether to legalize marriage equality. Read More

Catholic Officials in India Back Government’s Opposition to Marriage Equality Legalization

Some Catholic officials in India have affirmed the government's opposition to marriage equality coming from the nation's courts, diverging from several Indiana church leaders' more position stance in recent years. Read More

Liechtenstein’s Archbishop Cancels Mass for Parliament Over Marriage Equality Proposal

A critic has described the decision of Liechtenstein's archbishop to cancel a Mass for the country's parliament over marriage equality as "spiritual blackmail." Read More

New Ways Ministry Joins U.S. Catholics in Rejoicing at Respect for Marriage Act

New Ways Ministry joins with faithful Catholics across the U.S. in rejoicing at the passage of the Respect for Marriage Act. Read More

Archbishop Cordileone Asks Senators to Vote Against Enshrining Marriage Equality into Law

A U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) committee chair has written to legislators asking them to vote against the Respect for Marriage Act should it come before them. Read More

Gay Catholic Who Was Plaintiff in Obergefell Case Publishes New Memoir

Recently reviewed America, Greg Bourke’s memoir tells the story of his devotion to his husband, his faith, and his country. Read More

Sister Jeannine Gramick Expresses Hope for Queer Sacramental Marriages in Church

Sr. Jeannine Gramick has offered a future vision for the Catholic Church where queer couples will partake in sacramental marriage. Read More

New Report: Majorities of Black Catholics Affirm Gay People and Same-Gender Marriages

A new report highlights that majorities of Black Catholics in the U.S. support the societal of acceptance of homosexuality and clergy performing same-gender weddings. Read More

Marriage Equality is Expanding, But Bishops in Chile, Japan, and Hungary Remain Opposed

As countries around the world consider legalizing same-gender marriage, Catholic bishops remain mostly opposed to and cautious about such developments. Read More

In Interview, Bishop John Stowe Endorses Legal Protections for LGBTQ Couples

A leading U.S. bishop has included in a wider call for social justice his support for LGBTQ couples receiving legal protections. Read More