“God Doesn’t Want You to Be Miserable.”

What does it mean to have an obligation or purpose to preach the good news? Are we under the same obligation that Paul and Jesus were? Read More

Diocese of Davenport’s New LGBTQ+ Guidelines Model Synodality in Action

The Diocese of Davenport's new guidelines on LGBTQ+ pastoral care are "strikingly positive," and could possibly "shift the trend of transgender-negative diocesan policies in the U.S.," contends Robert Shine, associate director of New Ways Ministry. Read More

Trans Inclusion Is Not Enough for True Synodality

Against this idea, some Catholics claim that those of us who are trans should find our identity in Christ over and against our other identities. Under this view, we should participate in synodality not on the basis of diversity as ‘trans people,’ but simply as ‘Catholics’. However, neither of these approaches properly contextualise transness. Read More

Gender and Sexuality Affect Every Person. The Synod Must Address This Reality.

Gender and sexuality must be taken up by the church universal in a more enlightened, substantive, dialogical way. The Synod assembly risks failure if it avoids full examinations of such core questions. Read More

Cameroonian Priest: African Synod Delegates Likely to Resist Pro-LGBTQ+ Ideas

A Cameroonian priest has suggested that African delegates to the Synod on Synodality assembly next month may be quite resistant to any efforts at being more inclusive of LGBTQ+ people. Read More

A Bright Cloud: A Transfiguration Story from India

Jesus’ transfiguration in the Gospel suggests prodigious potential for change and renewal, much like the kinnar journey - a process of shedding classical expectations of male and female, to embrace an infinitely higher understanding of self. Read More

New Ways Ministry: Pope Francis’ Transgender Welcome a Good Sign, and More Must Be Done

Pope Francis’ recent comment to a transgender person that “God loves us as we are” is a grand sign of welcome to LGBTQ+ people, particularly to transgender and nonbinary people. Read More

Queer Theory and Theology Can Help Widen Church’s Understandings of God and Creation

Catholic theologians are recognizing how queer theory and queer theology can provide understandings of both God and humanity beyond dualistic ideas about gender. Read More

Trans Church Worker Says of LGBTQ+ Catholics: “We’re Here. We’re Not Going Anywhere”

“We’re here, we’re not going anywhere.” This is the message Michael Sennett and his fellow LGBTQ+ parishioners sent with the annual Mass of Belonging held at St. Ignatius of Loyola Church, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. Read More

Church Teaching Needs to Acknowledge Gender Is Not a Binary, Writes Catholic Journalist

In the National Catholic Reporter, Rebecca Bratten Weiss explores the way that claims of "gender ideology" by Pope Francis and other church leaders fail to reflect gender realities in nature in favor of the church's doctrinal claims. Read More