Fr. Dan Horan: “Fiducia Supplicans” Is Small, Important Step to LGBTQ+ Visibility

For Franciscan Fr. Daniel Horan, Fiducia Supplicans, the Vatican’s declaration allowing blessings for of same-gender couples, is a small, but important step towards LGBTQ+ visibility in the church. Read More

In Reversal, Saint Mary’s College Ends Policy Welcoming Transgender Students

A Catholic women's college has reversed its decision to admit transgender students after facing backlash from the local bishop. Read More

Fr. Dan Horan: U.S. Bishops’ New Transgender Document Is “Nothing Short of a Disaster”

A prominent theologian has critiqued sharply the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops' recent document targeting gender-affirming healthcare at Catholic institutions, saying the text is "nothing short of a disaster." Read More

Fr. Dan Horan: Church Leaders’ LGBTQ+ “Pastoral Malpractice” Key to Church’s Decline

In the National Catholic Reporter, Fr. Daniel Horan, OFM examines this decline and suggests that in the Catholic Church, anti-LGBTQ+ policies and statements from dioceses and institutions continue to drive more people further away. Read More

Fr. Dan Horan: Church Will Be Judged for “Reprehensible” Mistreatment of LGBTQ People

Regardless of what some Catholics insist, church teaching does in fact change. And history will not be kind to the church about its treatment of LGBTQ people once teachings on gender and sexuality do change, writes Franciscan Fr. Dan Horan. Read More

Not Using Preferred Names and Pronouns Is “Unchristian and Sinful,” Says Fr. Dan Horan

A Catholic defense of using preferred gender pronouns and names was penned by a theologian in the National Catholic Reporter last week, who said the significance of naming has great power. Read More

New LGBTQ Center at Saint Mary’s College Is a Model for Catholic Higher Education

A Catholic university in Indiana has opened an LGBTQ center as part of its larger efforts to support diverse students. Read More

Fr. Dan Horan Criticizes Two U.S. Bishops for Taking Anti-Transgender Actions

Responding to two bishops' transphobic statements, a popular Franciscan theologian has called for the church to listen to transgender persons rather than using abstractions to dehumanize the trans community. Read More

Bishops in Ghana Must End Their Support for Anti-LGBTQ Abuse, Says Fr. Dan Horan

Church leaders in Ghana needs to reorient their approach to the criminalization of LGBTQ people given their homophobic record, writes Franciscan theologian Fr. Dan Horan. Read More

Fr. Dan Horan Refutes Some Catholics’ Anti-Transgender Claims, Seeks Welcome Instead

Responding to a recent flurry of anti-transgender speech and legislation across the U.S., Fr. Daniel Horan, OFM, has called for the Catholic Church to be welcoming to the transgender community. Read More