Vatican’s Doctrine Chief on Criminalization Laws: “When I Read Them I Wanted to Die”

At a press conference to release the Vatican's new declaration on human dignity, which made headlines for condemning gender theory, the top doctrinal official also made positive comments about homosexuality. Yet, he doubled down on the declaration's anti-transgender aspects, too. Read More

New Vatican Document Condemns Gender Transitions and Undefined “Gender Theory”

The Vatican doctrinal office issued its latest intervention about LGBTQ+ issues yesterday, part of a larger document on human dignity in contemporary society that posited a highly transgender-negative approach.  Read More

The Strawman of “Gender Theory” in the Vatican’s New Document

This is, on its face, a very good thing, but this declaration fails to live up to its claim to affirm and support the ”infinite dignity” of all people. Specifically, the document misunderstands and misrepresents both the scholarly and scientific work in the areas of sexuality and gender. Read More

New Ways Ministry: Vatican Document on Human Dignity Fails LGBTQ+ People

The new Vatican document, Dignitas Infinita, fails terribly by offering transgender and nonbinary people not infinite, but limited human dignity. While it lays out a wonderful rationale for why each human being, regardless of condition in life, must be respected, honored, and loved, it does not apply this principle to gender-diverse people. Read More

Stay Tuned! Vatican to Release Document Addressing Gender Identity, Human Dignity

Later today, the Vatican’s Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith is holding a press conference to release its new document on human dignity, titled Dignitas Infinita. Read More

Vatican: Bishops May Not Ban Blessing Same-Gender Couples

The Vatican's doctrinal office has issued a clarification that bishops may not bar priests from blessing couples in "irregular" situations, including same-gender couples, that it allowed in its recent declaration, Fiducia supplicans. Read More

Top Cardinal Responds to Global Bishops’ Swift Criticism of Blessings Declaration

In Pope Francis' nearly-eleven year tenure, perhaps nothing he has done has prompted so many responses in such a short time as approving blessings for same-gender couples. Within a day or two of the Vatican declaration on blessings, titled Fiducia Supplicans, being released, dozens, if not hundreds, of church leaders and other Catholics spoke out—and strongly. Read More

Blessing LGBTQ+ Couples Is “Real Development” in Church Teaching, Says Vatican

Pope Francis has approved blessing same-gender couples in what the Vatican's doctrinal office referred to as a "real development" in church, emphasizing now that "God never turns away anyone who approaches him!” Read More

New Ways Ministry: Pope’s Blessings Approval Is Early Christmas Gift to LGBTQ+ Catholics

LGBTQ+ Catholics worldwide welcome this early Christmas gift, which brings them much closer to being full and equal members of the Church they love so dearly. Read More

New Ways Ministry: Vatican’s Transgender Guidance Reflects Pope’s Pastoral Approach

The Vatican’s affirmation that transgender people should be welcomed in the church’s sacramental life signals Pope Francis’ desire for a pastorally-focused approach to LGBTQ+ issues is taking hold. Read More