The Bishop Behind the Vatican’s Transgender-Welcoming Document on Sacraments

When the Vatican affirmed transgender people could be baptized in 2023, officials were doing so in response to one bishop's questions about LGBTQ+ people and the Sacraments. Since then, Brazilian newspaper El País profiled that bishop, the details about how the Vatican's instructions came about, and what the whole story might mean. Read More

Brazilian Church Incorporates Catholic LGBTQ+ Network into Church Structures

Pro-LGBTQ+ Catholic groups in Brazil have received welcome and openness within the church, while encountering pushback from Brazilian society. Read More

Brazilian Jesuit Reflects on LGBTQ+ Pilgrimage to Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe

The assembly was a blessing for those who attended. Perhaps most moving was the Mass we celebrated in the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, a national sanctuary dedicated to the patron saint of Latin America. Read More

Catholic Music Festival in Brazil Cancels Performance After Singer Comes Out as Gay

A Catholic music festival in Brazil is facing backlash after canceling a gay singer's performance, according to Crux. Read More

Top Jesuit Superior Praises Brazilian Priests’s Book on LGBTQ Theology

The world's top Jesuit has praised a member of the religious order for his book on LGBTQ theology, saying the book has "many merits." Read More

Brazilian Priest Being Investigated for Hate Speech After Giving Anti-Gay Homily

A Brazilian Catholic priest is under investigation by state prosecutors after a video of his criticism against a gay journalist went viral. Read More

Brazilian Cardinal Celebrates Memorial Mass for Local Victims of Anti-LGBTQ Violence

A top bishop in Brazil joined two LGBTQ groups to hold a memorial Mass for those who had died due to homophobic and transphobic violence. Read More

Article from Brazil Reveals How Repressing Gay Priests Harms the Whole Church

Today’s post will look at the toll repression of gay priests takes on the whole church. Read More

Profile of Gay Priests in Brazil Reveals the High Personal Toll of Repressing One’s Sexuality

A 2020 BBC profile of several gay Brazilian priests offer insights into the church’s approach to  homosexuality in their own ranks and lessons on how the church could evolve. Today’s post will look at the personal toll repression takes on the number of gay priests within the church. Read More

Bishops in Brazil Challenge Ecumenical Lenten Fundraiser Over LGBTQ Solidarity

Some bishops in Brazil have criticized an ecumenical campaign in which the nation's episcopal conference is involved over the inclusion of LGBTQ issues in campaign materials.  Read More