Catholic Charities Allegedly Bars Lesbian Couple from Fostering a Refugee Child

A lesbian couple in Texas have filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bbishops and the U.S. government for allegedly barring the couple from becoming foster parents to a refugee child. Read More

NEWS NOTES: Transgender Jesus Play Banned, Celebrating Pride in Malta, and More

Pride celebrations last month were particularly joyful in Malta where same-gender marriages had become legalized September 1, 2017. Other news items concern an adoption lawsuit involving Catholic Charities and a banned play about transgender Jesus. Read more... Read More

In Adoption Debate, Bishops Choose Partisan Agenda Over Children’s Welfare

With the blessing of the state’s Catholic bishops, Texas legislators passed a bill that would... Read More

U.S. Bishops Back “Inclusion Act,” Which Seeks to Exclude LGBT Adoptive Parents

Attempting to redefine what inclusion means, the U.S. bishops endorsed the U.S. House of Representatives’ “Inclusion... Read More

Mother Teresa's Order End Adoptions over Fears Gay People Might Provide Loving Homes for Children

Missionaries of Charity sisters in India, the order founded by Mother Teresa, is withdrawing from adoption work over fears that single gay and lesbian folks might welcome a child into their home. Read More

Pope's Influence Fails to Move Slovaks to Oppose Marriage & Adoption Equality

Even with the endorsement of Pope Francis, a referendum to ban same-gender marriage and adoption... Read More

Elphin Bishop, Bert & Ernie, Gay Priests, and Colin Farrell Are All Involved in Ireland's LGBT Debates

Earlier this week, we posted about the marriage equality debate happening now in Ireland, and... Read More

Catholics Seek Legal Rights, Pastoral Welcome for All Families

Advancing LGBT rights in the U.S. is increasingly a struggle about supporting families, both in the church... Read More

Abusive Parents in UK "Frightened" That Gay Couple Will Raise Children

Catholic birth parents in the United Kingdom lost a court battle over plans by a gay couple... Read More

Analyzing the Homophobia Lurking Beneath Marriage Equality Opponents’ Argument

I read lots of opinion pieces for and against marriage equality from a variety of... Read More