Thinking About Birthday Gifts?

Bondings 2.0 is 11 years old today!  So, it’s time for our annual birthday post!

Before I reminisce over the past 11 years, I want to say a word about birthday presents.  The blog’s birthday is the one time of the year when we have asked our readers to consider supporting this free service by providing a financial contribution to the blog.

We are not doing that this year. (Well, we will be doing that tomorrow on Giving Tuesday, but not today!)

Instead, if you want to celebrate the blog’s birthday and support Catholic LGBTQ+ ministry and advocacy, we ask you to invite friends interested in Catholic LGBTQ+ issues to beome blog subscribers.  You might want to tell them a little bit about what you like about the blog. Just ask them to click on this link, and then enter their email address an click “subscribe.”  They will receive a confirmation email which only requires one click when they open it.  That’s it!  Simple as that!  

The past 11 years have been amazing in terms of positive growth for Catholic LGBTQ issues!  We’ve also weathered some threatening challenges and obstacles.  But from where I sit at New Ways Ministry, I think the Catholic LGBTQ movement is stronger, wider and more resilient than it has ever been!

The tragic Club Q shooting in Colorado Springs reminds us that our work is not done.  The rash of discriminatory diocesan gender policies for schools and parishes urge Catholics to continue to speak out to their leaders in support of LGBTQ+ equality.  We envision a church that is synodal, as the past year has been thanks to Pope Francis, and we want to continue speaking out passionately and gently to build a church and a world where all are treated equally.

Help us to continue a Catholic pro-LGBTQ+ voice.  But more importantly, help others to use their own voices to speak out by providing them with good information, informed opinion, and deep spirituality.  Encourage your friends to subscribe, for free, to Bondings 2.0 so that they will daily be educated and inspired to work for justice and equality.

Many, many thanks for all the good that all of you do each day!

Francis DeBernardo, New Ways Ministry, November 28, 2022

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  1. Jackie Nuber
    Jackie Nuber says:

    I’ve been trying to find a local group my family and I can join. Not sure who I’ve reached out to at this point but I’m not having any luck. Can someone tell me how my family and I can get involved with a local church or group of Catholics that are lgbtq friendly. Both my children are gay and Catholic. We’re having a hard time finding a church that is accepting. My husband and I have been active in our church in the past and want to be again. But want to be around fellow accepting Catholics.



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