Holy Saturday: From All I Am to All I Have Not Yet Become

“Body of Christ” by Annibale Carraci (16th century)

Letting Go

By Edwina Gateley

It is time to go.
I can smell it.
Breathe it
Touch it.
And something in me
I will not cry.
Only sit bewildered.
Brave and helpless
That it is time.
Time to go.
Time to step out
Of the world
I shaped and watched
Time to let go
Of the status and
The admiration.
Time to go.
To turn my back
On a life that throbs
With my vigor
And a spirit
That soared
Through my tears.
Time to go
From all I am
To all I have
Not yet become.

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  1. Edward Poliandro
    Edward Poliandro says:

    This is simply magnificent! I sent to my pastor and staff and our LGBT Pastors Collaborative. and friends! Thank you!

  2. Tom Bower
    Tom Bower says:

    Edwina, What wonderful words that perfectly fit the day. The poem matches the grace of your speech to the 2011 Dignity USA convention in Washington, DC. Thank you. Tom Bower, co-chair


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