SYNOD: We're Almost to the End, But Not Quite Yet

They Synod on Marriage and Family released its final “Message” this morning (7:00 a.m., Eastern time; 1:00 p.m, Rome time), and there is no mention of homosexuality or same-gender relationships in it.   Actually, there are few specifics on anything in the text, which reads more like a spiritual reflection than a policy statement.  You can read the entire text by clicking here.

Cardinal Oswald Gracias

India’s Cardinal Oswald Gracias, at a press conference for the release of the “Message,” had the following positive things to say about lesbian and gay people:

“Asked if the final version of the relatio would have a similar openness of tone of the initial working document, Gracias said the final version is ‘open’ and ‘accepting everybody.’

” ‘I think it’s very balanced,’ said Gracias, who also serves as the president of the Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conferences. ‘It admits that we don’t have the answers to all the questions today … but it’s a commitment that we will continue to search for a way ahead to find a pastoral approach to the problems of today.’

“Gracias also addressed questions about how the working version of the relatio addressed gay people, using a tone of unusual openness and asking if the church was welcoming them into the community.

Asked pointedly if gay people were welcome in the church, Gracias responded: ‘The answer is an unequivocal yes. Of course they’re welcome.’ “

We are still waiting for the synod’s final report, which will be issued later.  Bondings 2.0 will put up a post about that news as soon as we receive it.

Stay tuned.

–Francis DeBernardo, New Ways Ministry

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