Catholic Church Isn’t Anti-Gay, But the Bishops Are — And They Can Fix This

U.S. bishops at annual meeting.

Was New York’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan correct in rejecting claims that the Catholic Church is anti-gay?

Michael O’Loughlin, a blogger with Religion News Service, says “yes.” However, this does not mean the bishops are off the hook and whether the Church will open up under Pope Francis remains an open question. O’Loughlin begins an essay at The Huffington Post by recalling comments by the cardinal which claimed the Church had been ‘outmarketed‘ on marriage equality and was not, in fact, anti-gay before writing:

“Dolan’s right. The Catholic Church isn’t anti-gay, but evidence suggests its bishops certainly are.”

He describes the US bishops anti-marriage equality efforts as “intense,” but not “particularly effective.”  O’Loughlin cites Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone’s harsh rhetoric while leading anti-marriage equality efforts and the recent exorcism held by Bishop Thomas Paprocki after Illinois passed marriage equality, where he claimed same-gender marriages resulted from ” ‘diabolical influences of the devil that have penetrated our culture.’ ”

Meanwhile, the American bishops’ conference has its own record of advocating against equal rights for LGBT people, and some diocesan level actions are shameful.  O’Loughlin writes:

“Some dioceses have issued guidelines that prohibit children of same-sex partners from attending Catholic schools. Effective Catholic schoolteachers who are gay have been fired. Communion has been denied. Bishops have threatened to pull support for immigration reform if same-sex couples are recognized as families. And one prominent American Cardinal even compared LGBT activists to Ku Klux Klan members.”

Michael O'Loughlin

Michael O’Loughlin

However, when speaking of the Catholic Church, O’Loughlin makes an essential distinction between the People of God as a whole and the clergy and hierarchy, which are but a small fraction:

“And yet, lay American Catholics remain at the forefront of supporting LGBT rights…

“The Catholic Church is actually quite supportive of LGBT people. It’s just that the sheep are well ahead of their shepherds. With Pope Francis, though, change is in the air. He wants pastors to smell of the sheep!…Might US bishops take a cue from their leader?”

Building upon Pope Francis’ compassionate words and actions, O’Loughlin offers some constructive suggestions for the US bishops to shed their anti-gay tendencies:

“Change the emphasis. Catholic law condemns homosexual acts, but it also calls for unmitigated respect for all people, gays and lesbians included. Yet too often we hear words of condemnation. Imagine if bishops supported laws like ENDA that protect the dignity of gay and lesbian people? Might they highlight and condemn the abuse LGBT people face at home and around the world? This would be truly Christian, though radical considering the source, giving voice to the marginalized.

“Include more diverse perspectives. If US bishops sought input from lay people, especially women, they might appreciate the struggles gay and lesbian people face and perhaps even advocate on their behalf. When families know gay people and understand their struggles, they’re more likely to become supportive of them. Bishops would benefit from listening to their insight.

“Finally, drop the opposition to marriage equality. It’s here to stay, and young Catholics support it at overwhelming numbers. To be against marriage equality is equated with bigotry and being out of the mainstream. To lose a generation of Catholics on this issue is shortsighted and will hinder social justice efforts to alleviate poverty, prevent war, and strengthen the common good. This will be a tragedy that will take many years to overcome.”

Slowly, and reluctantly, several bishops have moved towards Pope Francis’ style. However, O’Loughlin’s program for building a less hostile, less anti-gay episcopacy will require far more positive efforts from the bishops to heal decades of harsh rhetoric and well-funded campaigns against LGBT equality.

–Bob Shine, New Ways Ministry

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  1. duckman44625
    duckman44625 says:

    What ? You don’t say ! The Bishops are homophobes ? Really ? Please excuse the sarcasm but it is precisely the bishops who continue the vitriolic atmosphere in the Catholic Church. They even ignored the lead of the Pope – to whom they owe allegiance, respect, obedience as he is the Vicar of Christ – the visible image of Christ. They certainly obeyed the draconian commands of the past two predecessors in stifling all further discussion of female and married male ordination to the priesthood – as if such an asinine decree would stop the mental debate of clergy and theologians. Fact is our “beloved” bishops have lost the respect and blind obedience of the faithful because of their hateful treatment of our gay brethren and sisters. This does not image Christ. Namaste

    • duckman44625
      duckman44625 says:

      Dionis: you are correct. Not “All” the bishops are homophobic or fail to image Christ in their attitudes and pastoral care of us – just the overwhelming majority. They drown out the voices of the prophetic ones amongst them. Thus the American Bishop ‘s Conference speaks with a very stale, feudal voice. We Gsy Cathoilc men and women must learn that true acceptance in the Church will not occur in our or our children’s lifetime . We must stand firm in our Faith , realizing that we do
      Not need their stamp of approval but be guided by the Holy Spirit in our hearts. Namaste

  2. Friends
    Friends says:

    would love to see Michael O’Loughlin ordained as a priest, “Honoris Causa”, based upon his superb theological education and moral intelligence. In the Episcopal branch of the Universal Catholic Church, this action would be accomplished fairly easily — given the fact that the Episcopal Church restored the priesthood of the eminent Catholic Dominican theologian, Fr. Matthew Fox, after the Vatican threw him out for alleged “insubordination” to Papal dictatorship. Pope Francis has made a huge downpayment on the rectification of such high-handed Vatican abuse and arrogance. But there’s a large distance left to travel along the road of healing and reconciliation, in order to rectify past abuses committed by the inside players of the “Vatican Mafia”.

  3. Peter Beacham
    Peter Beacham says:

    Michael O’Loughlin claims “the Catholic Church isn’t anti-gay” while also saying “Catholic law condemns homosexual acts”. One’s sexuality is a core part of who they are. Condemning the core is condemning the person. The Catholic Church is misogynistic and homophobic because of the false and hopelessly out-of-date notions of “natural law” and “complimentarily”. Get rid of those ideas and the Catholic Church can back to its main business of promulgating the wisdom of Jesus – judge not, love thy neighbour, know that God is part of you and you can access God directly.

  4. Chaplain Bill
    Chaplain Bill says:

    “Change the emphasis. Catholic law condemns homosexual acts, but it also calls for unmitigated respect for all people, gays and lesbians included.” Sorry, this is lipstick on a pig! This is nothing more than a contemporary notion of separate but equal.


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