After Synod on the Family, Catholic Church Faced with Choice on LGBT Issues

The Synod on the Family is over and Catholics await Pope Francis' apostolic exhortation on family life derived from the bishops' deliberations, curious whether it will mirror the Final Report or deviate away towards a much hoped for, more merciful approach. Read More

At Philly's World Meeting of Families: Not Much Time Given to Homosexuality, But LGBT Catholics Keep Conversation Going

The World Meeting of Families' (WMF) single session on homosexuality was held Thursday afternoon, drawing more than 750 people to the talk featuring a celibate gay man, Ron Belgau, and his mother, Beverley. Read More

Pope Francis Opens His U.S. Visit With Message of Mercy and Encounter

With Pope Francis now in the United States, keeping up with news can be a... Read More

For Labor Day, Some Difficult Questions for the U.S. Bishops on Church Worker Justice

U.S. bishops, in keeping with the global church's conversations on family life, used their 2015 Labor Day Statement to reflect about how greater justice for workers encourages stronger families. Read More

10 LGBT Insights from the Pew Survey of U.S. Catholics for Pope Francis' Visit

As the World Meeting of Families and Pope Francis' visit approach, a new Pew Forum poll reveals U.S. Catholics' majority support for nontraditional families and 9 other observations. Read More

Fired Teacher "Overjoyed" by Catholic School's New LGBT Policy; School Apologizes While Diocese Remains Quiet

The decision by Portland's St. Mary's Academy (SMA) to positively alter its employment policies after firing a gay staff member was a landmark one. That shift was prompted by a school community which rallied quickly against injustice and an administration open to new ways of being in the church. While the staff member is "overjoyed" by this, it seems the Archbishop Alexander Sample and the Diocese of Portland do not share that joy. Read More